Each year Alton Towers Resort puts on a range of events to provide guests with a whole new way to experience its attractions. There are some annual traditions, as well as some exclusive one-off events which brought the park to life in a way guests may have never seen before.


Events Before 2004

From Spooktaculars to Stunt Spectaculars, the seasons ahead of 2004 saw a variety of events and entertainment at the resort.


2005 Events

During this season the park was invaded by Playstation, Scooby Doo and singing nuns which brought the Towers alive with the sound of music.


2006 Events

The resort was covered in chocolate over the Easter period and in the summer months the seaside came to Alton Towers!


2007 Events

Once again the resort became Chocolate Towers and Halloween returned after several seasons away for the first ever ‘Scarefest’.


2008 Events

With the return of many events, the resort celebrated the final season of Corkscrew, allowing guests one final chance to ride.


2009 Events

Once again the theme park opened during February Half Term and both Halloween and Christmas were celebrated at the resort.


2010 Events

This was a year jam-packed with events, from a Charlie and Lola puppet show to numerous live music and dance productions.

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2011 Events

The park played host to several themed weekends as well as giving guest the opportunity to dance with the stars and hear the latest music live at the resort.


2012 Events

The resort’s annual Christmas and Halloween events returned, with Scarefest offering guests an insight into the story behind Secret Weapon 7.


2013 Events

After a couple of years away, Alton Towers Live made a dramatic return to the resort, alongside a spectacular themed firework display.


2014 Events

The resort’s best-loved events returned, from a variety of themed weekends including 3 days of dance and fitness to the popular Scarefest and Fireworks.


2015 Events

Despite being a difficult year there was no shortage of events with a whole host of themed weekends, and the annual events returned stronger than ever!


2016 Events

Although there was a change to the format of the February Half Term event, all of the favourite seasonal events and themed weekends returned.


2017 Events

2017 saw a whole host of themed and dance weekends, as well the return of the Big Six Challenge alongside the usual annual events.


2018 Events

With the opening of Wicker Man there was plenty to celebrate, including the usual annual events and the introduction of ’22 Things To Do Before You’re 1.4m’.


2019 Events

The 2019 season celebrated the ‘Power of the Towers’, with the Resort hosting a variety of dance weekends and the usual seasonal events.


2020 Events

Despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, the Resort were still able to host adapted Scarefest and Christmas events, as well as the brand new Oktoberfest.


2021 Events

As things transitioned back to normality, the Resort were able to host all of their key events, as well as a colourful new event in Mardi Gras.


2022 Events

2022 saw the addition of Festival of Thrills during the early part of the season, along with the return of the various other seasonal events.


2023 Events

The Resort unveiled a “world of thrilliant events” for 2023, although the line-up remained largely the same as 2022.