There are a variety of cuisines available across the theme park, which are offered through both fast-food outlets and sit-down restaurants. If you only want a quick snack or just need to re-hydrate, there are also stalls that can serve you.

Merlin Annual Passholders, remember that you can get up to a 20% discount on food & drink across the resort by showing your pass when paying.


Located: The Towers Complex, Mutiny Bay | Type: Quick Service

The Burger Kitchen offers succulent and tasty burgers, from a menu of huge variety, with all meals including fries and a drink. There are two outlets in the theme park, with the The Towers Complex location having a sizeable indoor seating area, while the Mutiny Bay location is grab and go.

Located: Towers Street | Type: Café

Close to CBeebies Land’s entrance, this café serves hot beverages and freshly made sandwiches, paninis, wraps and cakes, alongside healthier salads and fruit pots. Its location means that you can warm yourself up at the start of the day, or recuperate your energy after a day of thrills. Seating is available both inside and outside.

Located: Katanga Canyon | Type: Buffet

Found opposite the entrance to the Runaway Mine Train, the restaurant serves a buffet of pizza, pasta and salad. That means you can go back for seconds (or even more if your day in the theme park has left you feeling rather peckish)! There’s also ice cream and a variety of toppings for dessert. Gluten Free meals are available on request and both indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Located: X Sector | Type: Quick Service

As the name suggests, this restaurant’s menu primarily consists of chicken which has been coated by a unique seasoning (possibly another stage of marmalisation). The menu also features the unique Donut Chicken Burger. Indoor and outdoor seating is available, allowing guests to watch people plummet into Oblivion, or be marmalised by The Smiler.

Located: CBeebies Land | Type: Café

Exploring CBeebies Land and having fun is thirsty work! Situated besides Postman Pat Parcel Post, Little Explorers Lunch Box offers a varied menu, with healthy options such as hot and cold sandwiches and also pies, pick and mix picnics and treats including cakes and other pastries. Indoor seating is available, so grown ups can also recharge their batteries whilst enjoying a hot drink. This venue also provides baby food / bottle warming facilities.

Located: Forbidden Valley | Type: Sit Down

Alton Towers Resort is home to the UK’s first Rollercoaster Restaurant, offering a unique dining experience. Once seated at one of 13 tables, diners can watch their orders travel through two ‘loop-the-loops’ before spiralling down 8 metres to their table. It is also possible for hotel guests to reserve a table at the restaurant during the evening.

Located: The Towers Complex | Type: Sit Down

Situated on the edge of Fountain Square, outside the entrance to Dark Forest is one of the theme park’s few sit down venues. After placing your order at the bar, all meals are freshly prepared and delivered to your table. The menu includes everything from sandwiches to steak and burgers. This outlet also caters for people with gluten intolerance, vegetarian diets and offers smaller children’s portions.

Food to Go

Located: Gloomy Wood

Found in the middle of Gloomy Wood, opposite Alton Manor, a variety of spookily-themed sweet treats can be purchased from this outlet. These include ice cream, milkshakes, cupcakes and a cookie ‘spookwich’.

Located: Mutiny Bay

Situated opposite Wicker Man, and near Battle Galleons, you can grab a hotdog, a chicken or vegetable wrap or have waffles made to order. There’s also the option to add marshmallows and sauce (to your waffles of course)!

Located: X Sector

Across from Oblivion’s drop is the Donut Factory, where a range of donuts with a variety of toppings is available to buy.

Located: Mutiny Bay

Located near Marauder’s Mayhem, this outlet sells a variety of food from jacket potatoes to sandwiches and kebabs, all with an Eastern twist.

Merlin Annual Pass discount is not available at Eastern Express.

Located: Dark Forest

These stands offer a variety of food to go, with a choice that includes baguettes, wraps and chips! Also in the vicinity are picnic tables, which can get very busy around lunchtime.

Located: Forbidden Valley

Located half way down the row of stalls in Forbidden Valley, this outlet serves chicken wings and strips, with a variety of different sauce options to suit all tastes. Picnic benches are available opposite the kiosk, on the other side of the pathway.

Located: Forbidden Valley

Found under the Monorail track, opposite the exit from Nemesis Reborn, this outlet serves Costa Coffee, perfect for when you’re in need of a hot drink or caffeine fix whilst exploring the area’s attractions, and a selection of snacks and sweet treats. There is seating available both inside and out.

Located: Towers Street

If you’re feeling peckish for a hot dog either on the your way into or out of the theme park, this is the perfect pit-stop to pick up something to eat!

Located: Mutiny Bay

If you need to quench your thirst or cool down after feeding the flames on Wicker Man, this nearby bar is the perfect place to stop for a drink. Although it doesn’t serve food itself, guests who purchase something to eat from the nearby outlets are free to use its indoor and outdoor seating, including the picnic benches in the Mutiny Bay Courtyard.


There are a number of food and drink kiosks situated around the theme park, from which you can purchase a variety of bottled drinks, snacks and sweets!

  • Donuts – located in Towers Street, Forbidden Valley & Dark Forest
  • Beornen Bites – located in Mutiny Bay, in front of Wicker Man
  • Pirate Treats – located in Mutiny Bay, along pathway in between Battle Galleons and Wicker Man
  • Tormented Treats – located at the entrance to Dark Forest
  • Energy Station – located at the end of the row of stalls in Forbidden Valley
  • Gloomy Wood Kiosk – located between Forbidden Valley and Gloomy Wood
  • Archway Gatehouse – located beside the Towers, near the arch above the path to Fountain Square
  • Earl’s Crossroads – located near to the entrance to X Sector

After purchasing a cup from the kiosk at the top of Towers Street, refillable soft drinks are available from Coca Cola Freestyle stations located in: Towers Street, Dark Forest, Forbidden Valley, Katanga Canyon, Mutiny Bay and X-Sector.