Alton Towers Waterpark is one of Europe’s largest and best indoor water parks covering 40,000 sq ft. What started as a trickle became a spring, the spring became a torrent and soon geysers were shooting up from the ground. The one and only Paradise Plumbers worked day and night inventing new and imaginative ways to use the tons of water.

Food & Drink

  • Adventurers Cave
  • The Ice Cream Shack


  • Waterpark Shop

Other Info

  • Opened: 2003
  • Located: Splash Landings Hotel

There are hundreds of interactive elements for you to explore. Discover the gigantic Wacky Waterworks Tree House, but beware the upturned clock tower might just cascade tons of water over you. It takes over one million gallons of water just to fill the water park!

There are also multiple slides to ride, with Master Blaster propelling you at high speed and the more traditional flumes; Rush & Rampage, which offer two unique experiences.

If that’s not for you, you can instead take a relaxing trip along the lazy river or bubble-away in one of the volcanic hot tubs, all heated for splashing fun whatever the weather. There’s also a fun lagoon, with slides for parents and tiny tots too.

Whatever the weather outside, the 50,000 sq ft domed roof, ensures that it’s always tropical inside. This roof is inflated by the equivalent of 10 giant hairdryers! If you forget something, don’t worry, there’s a shop located by the Reception which sells a variety of essential swimming gear.

Please be aware that height restrictions do apply on some attractions and that Alton Towers operates a strict policy on video cameras, but you’re free to take photos of your family and friends. There is also a child-to-adult ratio, allowing a responsible adult (aged 16+) to look after one child aged 0-4 or two children aged 5-9.


Master Blaster Water Coaster

Master Blaster is far more than a water slide, it’s a water coaster in its own right. Not only do you go downhill, you’re propelled uphill even faster at an impressive 5 metres per second on what is the UK’s longest Master Blaster at 208 metres long.


Rush ‘N’ Rampage

These slides are quite similar, Rush is a little more exciting as you will see bizarre road signs as you whisk around the bends, it’s also the darker of the two slides. Rampage, goes at about the same speed, but is more like a helter-skelter in water!


Flash Floods

If you go through the left hatch to get outside you will find yourself in an open lagoon with three water slides called the Flash Floods. There is a pool at the top, then 2 slides that go into a middle pool, then 3 slides go down to the bottom!


Lagoona Bay

Lagoona Bay is the main tropical pool, the centre piece to the Alton Towers Waterpark! Complete with geysers, waterfalls, and water cannons. It’s not really the place for a swim, but it’s fun to wade across to different areas of the lagoon or simply sit back and relax.


Wacky Waterworks Treehouse

Wacky Waterworks Treehouse is an entertaining climbing frame with over 70 watery play features! Climb over nets, crawl through the tunnels and across bridges trying to avoid people catching you out with one of the many water features.


The Little Leak

The Little Leak is a mini lagoon with slides and fun water squirters for the younger ones. There’s even a friendly pelican perching on the water pipes keen to say hi! Turn the taps on and off to see the entertaining water effects burst into action.


Bubbly Wubbly Pool

Go outside through the right hatch to find the Bubbly Wubbly Pool, here you can relax outside in the steaming and bubbling water regardless of the weather. If the weather’s hot, you can relax outside on one of the deckchairs by this tranquil area.


Volcanic Springs

Volcanic Springs is quite simply a giant Jacuzzi! in this secluded pool with high volcanic walls you can unwind in the hot water and let the water jets relax you, while the kids are happily occupying themselves with the other attractions.


Lazy River

Unwind and relax as you drift around the Lazy River, however you may get splashed and showered by the many leaking pipes, waterfalls and tipping buckets found as you float around the river. You may be able to grab a clear rubber ring to help you go with the flow.


The Tipping Bucket

The Tipping Bucket is a gigantic bucket located at the very top of the Wacky Waterworks Treehouse, which fills up with gallons upon gallons of water. Listen out for a bell ringing, as that means the bucket’s full and you’re about to be drenched with 1,000 litres of water!

On 1st June 2003, the Waterpark opened as Cariba Creek for the exclusive use of guests from either hotel. In 2004 it was made available to visitors not staying in one of the hotels, but for an admission charge.

Perhaps the most significant change to the attraction was its name change from Cariba Creek to Alton Towers Waterpark, which started towards the end of 2011. This was an ongoing change across the resort, with some signs still using its former name.

The Waterpark Treatment Room was added in 2014, offering a small selection of treatments for an additional charge. Although this was removed after just a few years.

In January 2015 the changing facilities were overhauled with new, themed vinyls being added to the cubicles, lockers and sinks, produced by Leek Signs.

From early 2018, guests were able to enjoy an interactive experience down Rush waterslide, with a choice of five funky light and music themes to enjoy as they slid down.