A visit to The Alton Towers Resort is incredibly fun and exciting, TowersTimes is here to make sure that planning it is just as fantastical. We’ve compiled all of our expert knowledge into the following sections. If you want some further helpful tips and tricks you can always ask for help on our forum!


Getting to Alton Towers Resort is easy however you intend to travel! TowersTimes has put together this helpful guide to show you how to find the resort in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Opening Times

Alton Towers Resort is open all year round, with three hotels, the Enchanted Village and plenty of other attractions, there is always something to do whatever the time of year.

Height Restrictions

For safety reasons many rides and attractions have height restrictions. Check here to see if you’re tall enough to face Nemesis or if you’re better off with CBeebies Land’s attractions!

Ticket Prices

Here you’ll find all the prices and information you’ll need to purchase a ticket to the resort’s magical attractions, along with TowersTimes’ top tips for purchasing tickets at the cheapest price.

Food & Drink

There are a variety of cuisines available across the theme park, offered through both fast-food outlets and sit-down restaurants. Here’s TowersTimes’ run-down!

Queue Busters

Browse TowersTimes’ tips and advice on how to avoid the biggest queues and maximise your time, as well as all the details and prices of the resort’s fastrack and VIP packages.

Special Events

From scary labyrinths full of your worst nightmares to magical firework displays and festive celebrations, special events at Alton Towers Resort are an experience like no other.

Local Accommodation

If you’re planning a few days away at Alton Towers Resort, your accommodation choices aren’t limited to the on-site hotels – there are a number of ‘Bed and Breakfasts’ and hostels in the local area.