It’s not just about the present and future of Alton Towers. There is a lot of history behind the park, including when the grounds were part of the Shrewsbury estate, when the park was just being developed and more recently when rides started to be removed.

We’ve been covering the latest developments and goings-on at Alton Towers Resort for over 20 years! During that time we’ve obtained countless updates, whether that be documenting the construction of new attractions, experiencing the various seasonal events, capturing the Resort from unique perspectives, and much more.

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Behind The Scenes

Take a peek behind the Alton Towers magic and technical aspects of Britain’s top rides.


Closed Season Archive

Look back at the preparation work that goes on during the closed season for the oncoming year.


Construction Archive

Follow the construction of rides past and present from an expanse of land into a magical attraction.

Forbidden Valley (July 2006)

Do Look Down

Browse aerial shots that provide a bird’s-eye view of the Resort’s development over the past 60 years.


Events Archive

Every year the resort plays host to an array of events – see how these have evolved over the years.


Restoration Archive

The Resort undertakes heritage and restoration works to preserve its buildings of historical interest.


Years in Review

Read our yearly review articles rounding-up all the key developments of the preceding 12 months.



The legendary Attraction Source & TowersTimes Forum ran for twenty years and was a major source for discussion on all things theme parks. Although the forum is now closed, we have kept it accessible for archive and reference purposes.

Over years, we’ve accumulated a vast archive of content that documents Alton Towers’ development into the Resort that it is today. Encompassing plans for new attractions, directories of departed attractions and mascots, historic theme park maps and other media – there’s plenty to delve into!


The Drawing Board

See if reality lived up to the plans and concepts produced for the Resort’s attractions.


The Earls of Shrewsbury

The Earldom, and notably the 15th Earl, played an important part in Alton Towers’ history.

The Gardens


The Alton Towers Guidebooks offered a wealth of information about the Resort and its heritage.

Print of the Towers

The History of The Towers

Although The Towers now lie in ruin, they have a history spanning many centuries!

1990 Corkscrew Postcard

Marketing Archive

Discover never before seen marketing ephemera from the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Mascots & Characters

Find out about the mascots and characters that have appeared at the Resort over the years.

1994 Map

Old Park Maps

The maps from the past are perhaps one of the best ways to observe the Resort’s year by year evolution.


Past Merchandise

Here’s our collection of cuddly and quirky merchandise purchased from Alton Towers!


Past Rides & Attractions

Rediscover the many attractions that have now left the theme park.


The Real Chained Oak

Discover the story behind this mysterious tree that served as inspiration for Hex.


Year by Year

Follow the park’s annual development from 1980 to present day using our timeline!