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It’s not just about the present and future of Alton Towers. There is a lot of history behind the park, including when the grounds were part of the Shrewsbury estate, when the park was just being developed and more recently when rides started to be removed.

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Behind The Scenes

Take a peek at the inner workings of the resort, the secrets behind the Alton Towers magic as well as the technical aspects and mechanics of Britain’s top rides.

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Closed Season Archive

Take a look behind the scenes at the preparation work that goes on during the closed season, ahead of the next oncoming year at Alton Towers Resort.

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Construction Archive

Take a look back at the construction of rides past and present, and see how they developed from an expanse of land and an amass of metal to a magical attraction.

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Do Look Down

Ignore the Lord of Darkness and take a look at the aerial shots that we’ve accumulated from the past 60 years, allowing you to see the development of the resort from a bird’s-eye view.

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The Drawing Board

During the planning stages of each attraction, the resort produces concept images and elevations of what they hope to build next. So you can see if reality lived up to the idea.

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Events Archive

Every year the resort plays host to an array of fantabulous events, from celebrating Halloween to bringing together the most popular music artists for a live music spectacle.

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From The Archives

Although our past doesn’t date back as far as The Towers’, we’ve kept some of our best articles and pages in the TowersTimes Archives so that you can enjoy them once again.

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We’ve collected many of the Alton Towers Guidebooks which offer a wealth of information about the resort and its heritage, over its development.

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The History of The Towers

Although The Towers now lie in ruin, they were once inhabited by the infamous Earl of Shewsbury and form the centrepiece of the theme park and resort as a whole.

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Mascots & Characters

Do you remember Henry Hound? Find out what other mascots and characters have represented the UK’s number one theme park destination over the years.

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Old Park Maps

Despite not being very helpful for navigating the park now, the park maps from the past are perhaps one of the best ways to remind yourself of the resort’s year by year evolution.

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Past Rides & Attractions

We haven’t forgotten about the many rides & attractions that have left the theme park. Remind yourself of what once resided at the resort, for some Alton Towers nostalgia.