Today there is a vast range of souvenirs on offer at Alton Towers Resort, which guests can buy as a reminder of their day. Here we look at some of the merchandise that has been on sale at the park over the past 50 years.

Everyone loves a good cuddly toy, and in the late 80s nothing was more popular then to take home your very own Henry Hound, who came in quite a range of sizes. Also seen here is the slightly rarer Henrietta Hound cuddly toy.

Even after Tussauds took over, cuddly toys were the way forward; with the Toyland Tours Elecopter making an interesting addition to the park’s gift shops, along with the more traditional teddy bear (the one here is from the late 90s).

During the 80s and early 90s Diecast Toys were very popular souvenirs of the park. Below we have three from the 80s (including the bus bearing the comparison with Disneyland, which was one of the park’s advertising campaigns) and one from the 90s.

Some of the toys were also branded to match certain attractions – below is one of the later additions themed around the Haunted House, and another featuring one of the park’s mascots; Bunbury the Wizard.

The park has a very strong tradition of producing pottery souvenirs. In fact for many years the park had a functioning pottery studio on site, although it was relocated several times, from the Courtyard or the Farmyard through to the Garden Conservatories. There was a massive variety of souvenirs created in this studio, from the eclectic through to the branded.

In later years, once the studio had closed, the park resorted to much more generic branded pottery, the likes of which can still be found on sale in the park today.

The park has always prided itself on having a great range of merchandise on offer. In the 80s, the shops on Towers Street offered all sorts of items, from branded watches through to Henry Hound necklaces.

In later years, the Secret Weapon projects gave the park the opportunity to produce an interesting range of products, from comic books and drink for Nemesis, through to deodorant and even branded condoms for Oblivion!

Also featured below is one of the park’s earlier snow globes, again featuring Bunbury the Wizard (along with other mascots, The White Rabbit and March Hair), against the background of the park’s latest rides.



From 2007 to 2009, guests were able to purchase personalised footage of themselves experiencing the resort’s top rides as a souvenir.