Alton Towers Resort have employed several mascots over the years, who have appeared in shows across the park, cartoon strips, park guides or serving as general entertainment for their thousands of guests. Discover some familiar faces or perhaps even find some new characters that are part of the resort’s history.

Lived in: All Over
First Arrived: 1988
Last Seen: 2007

Alton Towers’ famous mascot descended from the famous Talbot Hounds who appear on heraldry around the Towers. After departing the park at the end of 1993, Henry remained absent for many years until he briefly returned to the Towers for the 2005-2007 seasons.

We’ve got a whole page dedicated to Henry Hound – the most famous Alton Towers mascot!

Lived in: Towers Street
First Arrived: 2007

Guests could share a story or two with Alton Towers current lovable mascot. Alton Bear could often be found around Towers Street, when he wasn’t making one of his regular appearances at the Hotels. He even had his own Bear Coaster in Towers Trading.

Lived in: Towers Street
First Arrived: 2014
Last Seen: 2015

It was the ATTP’s job to keep guests safe upon their arrival and departure. Among other things, they’d be on the look out for speeding prams and public displays of affection!

Lived in: Towers Street & Fountain Square
First Arrived: 2013
Last Seen: 2013

Bravo were a small band led by a bubbly conductor who would play on Towers Street for guests in the morning, and then perform later in the day in Fountain Square.

Lived in: The Land of Make Believe

The Bugs frequently appeared in the Wonderful Times as well as around the park, playing games and scampering around after other characters. They each had their own names, including Splodge (who was green and black), Weazle (red, yellow and black), Popcorn (yellow, orange and black), Ziggy (pink and black) and piazza

Lived in: The Land of Make Believe
First Arrived: 1993
Last Seen: 2001

This colourful wizard made his first appearance in the Wonderful Times in 1993, when he introduced Henry Hound to the Land of Make Believe. Named after the ancient hill fort located nearby, he had always been at the Towers and was the one who was responsible for the magic at the park. He appeared on and off for many years, last appearing in the 2001 fireworks display.

Lived in: The Land of Make Believe
Last Seen: 1993

Candy was a Kitten and Daisy was a Bunny. They both lived happily ever after in the Land of Make Believe.

Lived in: The Land of Make Believe
First Arrived: 1990
Last Seen: 1994

The White Rabbit, March Hare and Cheshire Cat were part of the parade, as well as often appearing in Wonderful Times and out and about in The Land of Make Believe. In the parade these popular storybook characters could often be found nearby Old Mother Hubbard’s Shoe.

Lived in: All Over
First Arrived: 1988
Last Seen: 2001

Introduced in the 1988 book the Adventures of Henry Hound. The Count appeared alongside Henry Hound in several cartoons and ice shows, frequently playing tricks on the dog though always with good intentions. He was also important in the introduction of the new Haunted House in 1992. The Count was last seen at Alton Towers as part of the Halloween Spooktacular in 2001.

Lived in: Talbot Street and Towers Street
First Arrived: 1984
Last Seen: 1997

The original Alton Towers mascots, these cartoon-like characters spent many happy years entertaining the children around the park, frequently appearing on Talbot Street. In later years the Cuddly Bears were largely replaced by Mummy, Daddy and Baby Bear, although the original character still occasionally appeared as late as 1997.

Lived on: The Rapids Float in the Parade

Two dogs could often be found riding on the Rapids Float in the parade. One was called the Old Sea Dog and the other was Daniel.

Daniel was styled on the dog of John Brookings, the designer of the park’s costumed characters. In tribute, on the day the real life Daniel died the character based on him was allowed to lead the parade.

Lived in: Mutiny Bay
First Arrived: 2010
Last Seen: 2017

Sharkbait Reef wasn’t not the only place guests could find sharks down in Mutiny Bay. Fin the Shark liked to bask all around the pirate area, but guests needn’t worry this friendly shark won’t bite! Fin last made an appearance during February Half Term 2017.

Lived in: The Gardens
First Arrived: 1989
Last Seen: 1994

These happy and hoppy chaps were introduced as the mascots of the Gardens in the late 80s. In the original parades there was a Garden Float that they would join. They continued to appear in the parade until it finished, long after the Garden Float had been retired.

First Arrived: 1988
Last Seen: 1992

Henrietta Hound first appeared alongside her lifelong friend Henry Hound in a series of Ladybird Books in 1988. She made her first public appearance at the Towers for the 1988 Winter Ice Show. She was once queen of the high wire in a travelling circus and met her longstanding friend Henry when the circus came to Alton Towers. She starred in many of the park’s ice show before she left at the end of 1992.

Lived in: All Over
First Arrived: 2012
Last Seen: 2016

With the arrival of Ice Age: The 4D Experience in 2012, guests could meet Sid and Scrat in Cloud Cuckoo Land and elsewhere across the Resort, such as at the hotels.

Lived in: The Farmyard
First Arrived: 1989
Last Seen: 1993

Jack the Scarecrow arrived at the park as the mascot of the Farmyard. This costume character would often be found on the Windmill float in the parade. Jack used to also be found in the form of the signpost at the centre of Old MacDonald’s Farmyard.

Lived in: Katanga Canyon
First Arrived: 1992
Last Seen: 1998

These twin monkeys were the mascots introduced as part of Katanga Canyon. These cheeky chappies were the train drivers on the Runaway Mine Train, and could often be found alongside its float in the parade.

Lived in: Towers Street
First Arrived: 1988
Last Seen: 1991

It is little known that Henry also had a son called Junior who would often appear on Towers Street in the late 80s. He also featured in the parade, sitting at the head of the Bandstand float.

Lived on: The Fun Club Float of the Parade

In later years the Funclub was sponsored by Kia-Ora, which also meant the characters from the popular advert were introduced into the park alongside the park’s own mascots to travel along on the Funclub float in the parade