A look at various plans and concepts from both the past and present, for all the rides that Alton Towers have either built, suggested or considered for the park.

It is rare for an attraction to be built without some amount of concept drawings or plans to have been produced, to give an idea of what the attraction will end up looking like. Here we have a look at the concepts for some of the theme park’s attractions, as well as various plans. It’s worth noting how much some of these attractions changed from the early stages!

Dungeon Costume Designs 2

The Alton Towers Dungeon

The Resort released some concept drawings of the costumes for the Dungeon’s inhabitants.


CBeebies Land Expansion

New friends arrived in 2017 with the addition of Go Jetters and The Furchester Hotel attractions.


CBeebies Land Hotel

The first ever CBeebies Land Hotel opened at the Resort in 2017, with the submission of plans in August 2015.

Cred Street

Various concepts for the rides and attractions built in Cred Street between 1997 and 2006.


Enchanted Village

A year on from the withdrawn lodge proposal, new plans were submitted.

Extraordinary Golf

A look at the plans for the Adventure Golf Course which opened at the park in 2007.

Festival Park

The 1980 plans for new food kiosks in Festival Park, which today are Forest Feast.

Flag Tower

An interesting look at the plans for one of the historic monuments in the Towers’ grounds.



Browse the plans and concepts as Air became a rollercoaster dedicated to virtual reality.

Land of Make Believe

A look at two concepts for Bertie Bassets’ Cornershop, which was built as part of this land.

Merrie England

Utilising pictures of Aqualand to envisage its transformation into Merrie England.


Nemesis Sub-Terra

Although these plans gave us an idea of what to expect in 2012, they didn’t show what lies beneath.

North East Areas

The plans for the 1992 creation of Katanga Canyon and Gloomy Wood.


Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop

Peter Rabbit returned in 2019, with a new attraction in CBeebies Land.


Plans showing the supports for the Towers’ launched coaster in what was then Ug Land.

Rita’s Chicken & Ribs

In 2007 the Dome in Fountain Square was replaced by a brand new restaurant.


Rollercoaster Restaurant

Here are the plans and concepts for this UK first of its kind restaurant.

Spinball Whizzer

Dropping a giant pinball table into Adventure Land took some planning, as can be seen here.


Stargazing Pods

In March 2018, plans were submitted for the addition of 102 accommodation pods.

Talbot Street

Concepts for the park’s Victorian street from its conception through to its later development.

The Screw & The Blade

Take a look at the original concepts of these 1997 additions.

DB Tree Top Quest

Tree Top Quest

The plans for the high ropes course which opened alongside the Enchanted Village in 2015.