The majority of the theme park’s rides and attractions have minimum height restrictions, with some also having a restriction on riders’ maximum height too. You’ll find all the restrictions listed below alongside some Frequently Asked Questions.

Height Restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if I meet the height restriction?

Every ride has a safety board and height check stick at its entrance. Staff are always on hand to help measure guests to ensure they meet (and, in some cases, do not exceed) the height requirements for each attraction. To save time you can go to the Resort Box Office at the start of your visit where they will measure guests and issue wristbands confirming the visitor’s height.  These are particularly useful if someone is only just over a certain height limit.

I’m only just under the height restriction, can I still ride?

Sorry! Alton Towers Resort has to enforce the height restrictions as these are a legal requirement for the operation of the attraction. The only exception to this is that some rides do have an ‘accompanied’ height restriction where those under the limit may ride with a responsible guest over the height restriction.

I’m a very tall person. Are there any restrictions for me?

A select few of the rides at Alton Towers Resort do have a maximum height limit. If in doubt ask at the ride’s entrance or at the Resort Box Office for further information.