Enjoy a live interactive show which will immerse you in prehistoric sights and sounds, as you see what you can dig and discover with Andy.


  • Min. Rider Height: None
  • Max. Rider Height: None
  • Ride Photography: No
  • Fastrack: No

Tech Specs

  • Ride Type: Interactive Show
  • Opened: 19th March 2022
  • Duration: Approx. 10 mins

With shows running roughly every 15 minutes, the attraction has only a short queue-line to facilitate the next waiting group. Guests will then be welcomed on to the prehistoric dig site by the outpost curator, who requires guests’ help whilst Andy is away on one of his adventures.

The first task for guests to complete is to search the dig site in the outdoor portion of the attraction for ‘fossils’ to insert into Andy’s fossilator for analysis. Andy will appear on screen via video link to check in with how guests are getting on, and invite you to join in with one of his raps.

Once finished on the dig site, the outpost curator will lead guests inside the outpost building where they will have a special opportunity to meet a baby dinosaur before leaving to explore more of CBeebies Land.

Andy’s Adventures Dinosaur Dig was a direct replacement of Mr Bloom’s Allotment for the 2022 season. The former attraction opened with CBeebies Land in 2014 as the first fixed attraction to be located in the area, having previously been used for animal paddocks.

While thematic changes were made throughout the attraction to transform it from a garden to a prehistoric dig site, the format of the attraction remained similar with the initial search task in the outdoor area and then the more theatrical sequence in the interior area.