You don’t normally get to see the park from this angle! Looking at these aerial photos (even if it does mean ignoring the Lord of Darkness) shows you just how wonderful and magical Alton Towers actually is, set within hundreds of acres of beautiful countryside!


These are our oldest aerial shots, and show what the resort was like when it first opened to the public as a fairground attraction.


It was in this era that Towers Street was built, which remains one of the most iconic parts of the resort. Take a look back at its construction, from the air!


This was perhaps the most significant decade for the resort, with the construction of SW3, Nemesis – a ride which put them on the global theme park map.


The new millenium saw the resort constructing yet another Secret Weapon, Air – the world’s first rollercoaster to place riders in the prone position.


Through the nougthies the park was rapidly developing into Britain’s number one theme park, with the construction of yet another rollercoaster – Rita.