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Ever wondered what the park looked like 15 or 25 years ago? Here are the guidebooks from yesteryear, which contain many photographs and lots of information about the park, years before it evolved into what it is today.

1920/30s Guidebook

The pre-war guidebook was used up until the park was commandeered by the army during the Second World War, giving some insight into the Towers before they became ruins.

1957 Guidebook

This was one of the first guidebooks to be produced by the park after WW2 and contained detailed information about the Gardens and Towers, which offered a peaceful day out.

1961 Guidebook

This guide was used after the installation of a fairground and a motor boat attraction, back when Alton Towers was certainly a different type of day out than what it is today.

1964 Guidebook

This is one of the guidebooks that the park used after the cable cars were installed. Other new attractions included a paddling pool in front of the Towers as well as donkey rides.

1970 Guidebook

This guidebook was produced in full colour for the first time, during the era of decimalisation, with versions advertising the park’s price in both decimal and pre-decimal currency.

1981 Leaflet

This leaflet was produced after the Towers had become an amusement park, when guests paid just £2.50 for admission, to ride attractions such as the Log Flume and the Corkscrew.

1982 Leaflet

This Leaflet tells you about some of the history of the Towers, that can’t be found in any other guide, and also lists the park’s opening times and attraction information.

1983 Leaflet

New in 1983 were the Vintage Cars and Dragon Rollercoaster (the Beastie), and it was the last year that the main areas were named the Springfield, Ingestre and Talbot Centres.

1985 Guidebook

The new ride for this year was the 4 Man Bob coaster, with his guide being more focussed on the rides, although it still featured a section on the heritage of the Gardens and Towers.

1988 Guidebook

This was the resort’s Diamond Jubilee year, with the grounds open for a total of 60 years and the park in development for 10 years, with Corkscrew now the resort’s flagship rollercoaster.

2007 Brochure

2007 saw The Dung Heap added to Old MacDonald’s Farm, The Haunted Hollow in Merrie England and Extraordinary Golf in the hotel complex, with the Halloween event returning too.