Each November, the theme park closes to allow extensive maintenance work to be carried out on all the resort’s rides and attractions. Join us as we take a look behind the scenes at the preparation work for the oncoming season each year at Alton Towers Resort.

Henrietta Hound atop a very special Christmas Cake float

Closed Season 1988/89

Take a look back at Alton Towers’ first Christmas Festivals, which were held during the late 1980s.

No longer Barney's Playground - getting ready for those Tweenies instead

Closed Season 2002/03

Both the Tweenies and Ribena Berry Bish Bash arrived, while construction of Splash Landings Hotel continued.


Closed Season 2003/04

The iconic Swan Boat Ride made way for Splash Kart Challenge, and Dynamo was also removed.

X-Sector Entrance

Closed Season 2004/05

This was the first closed season for the Flume Unplugged, and Nemesis gained a Single Rider Queue.


Closed Season 2005/06

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory arrived at the park, along with the construction of new food outlets.


Closed Season 2006/07

A very busy closed season, saw the addition of new restaurants, revamp of rides and arrival of YourDay.


Closed Season 2007/08

Merrie England became Mutiny Bay, and the Skyride got some TLC after the fire at the end of the season.


Closed Season 2008/09

The 3D cinema made way for Sharkbait Reef and Cred Street became Cloud Cuckoo Land.


Closed Season 2009/10

The park opened to hotel guests on limited capacity, whilst Ug Land was turned into Dark Forest.


Closed Season 2010/11

Being one of the quietest closed seasons at the park, our gallery mainly comprises of snowy pictures.


Closed Season 2011/12

This closed season saw the construction of Nemesis: Sub Terra and Ice Age 4D come to Cloud Cuckoo Land.


Closed Season 2014/15

MI7 took to the skies to provide an update on the closed season developments across the theme park.


Towers Loving Care

At the end of 2015, a 3 year improvement scheme was announced, which saw renovations across the Resort.


Closed Season 2016/17

Projects included a new Monorail evacuation platform and a rerouted entrance for Alton Towers Waterpark.