This was the closed season which saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory arrive at the theme park while The Tweenies departed, and there was the construction of Caffe Express and Mexican Cantina.

This update starts in Katanga Canyon with views of Runaway Mine Train and Congo River Rapids. Following the end of the season, all is quiet in Merrie England and lots of Squirrel Nuttys are queuing up in front of Spinball Whizzer, waiting to be removed from their track. The Resort were still in the process of tidying up after the fireworks spectacular which finished the following night. X-Sector was still open to the public as part of Adrenaline Week. Ug Swinger already had its chairs removed in preparation for its Winter inspection. Cred Street was another area of the theme park where all was quiet, with Frog Hopper collapsed into its Winter storage position. The Towers are pictured standing proud in their misty surroundings.

This update provides a look at some areas inside The Towers themselves that were usually inaccessible. X-Sector was now closed, with Enterprise mostly stripped down and undergoing maintenance work – its gondolas were lying around the empty X-Sector. Elsewhere in the area, Oblivion’s station was being given a few touch ups ready for the new season. The Flume’s station was also receiving attention, with its flooring stripped. On our way over to Forbidden Valley, we passed through a quiet Gloomy Wood and past the Skyride station where we could see maintenance works ongoing. In Forbidden Valley, Ripsaw was undergoing its annual maintenance with the ride itself undercover, and a number of pieces removed and stored nearby. Scaffolding was up around Nemesis to facilitate work to its track, and The Blade was also receiving some attention. In Ug Land, work was taking place around Rita. Finally, no closed season update would be complete without a photo of the frog fountains minus the frogs!

Although Bouncing Bugs was operating in Cred Street, most of the area was still undergoing work. InCREDible ices was totally stripped of anything ‘cred’, and The Tweenies signage had been removed from both the Cred Street Theatre and playground buildings. Nonetheless, Cred Street McDonalds was one building which still looked like it would remain the same for 2006. Rita was still having work done to the area outside its queue line, and, with the exterior doors open, we were able to see Rita’s soon to be replaced hydraulic drum. With The Flume unsurprisingly not one of the rides operating during the winter season, its lake had been drained. Nearby, the Knights Feast building was being gutted. In Storybook Land, guests could watch the special winter Ice Show, Magic of Panto – On Ice!

This brief update shows a new golf game being constructed in Katanga Canyon and the building become home to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from behind.

The entrance plaza was in the process of getting a lick of paint to freshen it up, with Towers Street also getting a re-paint to a nice shade of pink. What’s more, Henry Hound made an appearance for the update! Over at the lake, the golf balls were bouncing on ice today, and some sort of work was happening on the path leading to Merrie England, while tree clearance was occurring behind Ug Land. The Cred Street Theatre and playground building had now been freshly painted, and was looking better than in the prior week’s update. Although a train for Rita remained in the station, this was minus her seats!

Skyride’s main drive wheel could be seen lowered down out of its usual position for winter maintenance. The theme park’s bins were being repainted for the new season. The Tea Cup Ride is pictured minus the actual teacups and Forbidden Valley was being steam cleaned.

Forbidden Valley’s steam cleaning continued into the next day – note the cleaned rocks as well. Nemesis had also been cleaned and was looking good as new. There was also a new planted area near the Nemesis Fastrack machines. Ripsaw remained covered up and undergoing its annual winter checks and maintenance programme.

These images taken from The Source show the theme park’s clean-up in full swing with The Re-Hydrator being touched up, Cred Street Playground with its fresh coat of paint, and staff removing dead plants and bushes.

Having been pictured in an earlier update without her seats, these have now been reinstalled on the train. Although the entrance plaza was looking nice and fresh, the Towers Street repaint continued. Finally, The Flume Unplugged’s bath tubs are pictured in storage in a backstage area.