Rather unusually the 2010/11 closed season seemed quite quiet with very little major construction occurring. Therefore this gallery spent a lot of time admiring how pretty the theme park looked in the snow. Of course, as ever plenty of maintenance was afoot, with the big story being that the Waterpark closed for much of January to receive a refurb.

Ahead of our main update the following day, we captured a look at the garden of the Alton Towers Hotel, which had been magically decorated for the winter season.

Our updates from the theme park started in Old MacDonald’s Farm where it looks like the pigs could have used some blankets. Smokey the tractor was also covered with a little snow. From the Front Lawns, we then captured views of Adventure Land, an icy Battle Galleons Lake, and the Towers nestled stoically amidst a drift of snow.

In X-Sector, Oblivion stood majestically in the snow along with the nearby Rehydrator. Over near the Towers, the Talbot Hounds had received a light dusting of snow, including those which stand outside the entrance to Hex. With rolling lawns of snow, the gardens also looked splendid in a festive scene.

Over in Adventure Land, Sonic Spinball, as well as its mascot, spent its first closed season standing solitary in the snow. Nearby, The Beastie was another of the theme park’s attractions to have received a dusting a snow, even with the cover provided by its station.

Skyride loomed festively over proceedings in Mutiny Bay, where, in the courtyard, footprints in the snow suggested activity. At the back end of of Mutiny Bay, not a creature was stirring (except perhaps a cat). Elsewhere, despite the cold temperatures, the Katanga Canyon waterfalls were still running, although over the way The Flume and its lake were, as ever, completely drained.

The update ends back where it started, where, over at the Alton Towers Hotel, you could certainly tell it was winter!

The Waterpark was closed for the majority of January for refurbishment works. Here we captured some painting that was ongoing.

As work continued, The Wacky Waterworks were looking fresh after a lick of pain. The main pool had also been freshened up.