This was a closed season not quite like any other that had been seen in the previous few years. For the first time since the 90s, the park itself is open for the resort’s Winter Season, although only in a limited capacity with Towers Street, Mutiny Bay, Storybook Land and Old MacDonald’s Farmyard open for hotel guests. The big news for the 2009/2010 closed season was the construction of TH13TEEN, which saw the transformation of Ug Land into the Dark Forest. Alongside this the Cloud Cuckoo Land Skyride station was rebuilt after 2009’s fire. Elsewhere Spinball Whizzer received a repaint ready to become Sonic Spinball in time for February Half Term 2010 and the Corkscrew’s famous inversions were installed in the entrance plaza as a testament to the iconic ride.

13th December 2009

20th December 2009

16th January 2010

31st January 2010