Younger guests can immerse themselves in the colourful and exciting worlds of their favourite television shows in the world’s first CBeebies Land at Alton Towers Resort.

Food & Drink

  • Little Explorers Lunch Box


  • Little Explorers Toy Box

Fun & Games

  • CBeebies Land Characters
  • Postman Pat’s Letter Box


  • Toilets – found at the back of the Big Fun Show Time Arena & behind Justin’s House: Pie-O-Matic Factory
  • Buggy Parking Areas – located around CBeebies Land

Aimed at children aged between the ages of two and six, the area is an interactive and immersive world where visitors can meet and have fun with some of their favourite CBeebies characters in a range of themed attractions, rides and live entertainment.

From exploring the Something Special Sensory Garden, to drifting along on the In the Night Garden Magical Boat Ride, and helping Postman Pat to deliver his mail on Postman Pat Parcel Post, there is something for every child to enjoy. Children can even join The Octonauts for an underwater adventure and launch from the Jetpad on an exciting mission with Go Jetters, or help Peter Rabbit find his friend and check-in at The Furchester Hotel. Add to this a host of live entertainment with shows including Hey Duggee and The Teletubbies, along with opportunities to meet the characters, and you can be sure that every child will have a real adventure.

What’s more, guests can now continue the CBeebies Land fun by staying in the CBeebies Land Hotel, which is home to a number of rooms themed to different CBeebies shows and an extensive programme of entertainment.


Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure

Join the Octonauts onboard the GUP convoy for their most exciting mission yet. With Captain Barnacles in the driving seat, younger guests will explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures and protect the ocean on their very first rollercoaster.


Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop

Join Peter and Lily as they try to find Benjamin Bunny who has hidden in Mr McGregor’s garden. Guests will be able to explore the garden and solve puzzles to try and find Benjamin’s hiding place, before hopping high into the sky to see if they can spot him.


Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride

Get ready to launch from the Jetpad and embark upon a global adventure with Kyan, Xuli, Lars and Foz in a Vroomster that’s complete with its very own controls which enable guests to move up and down as they fly around the world in their search for Grandmaster Glitch.


The Furchester Hotel Live

Head through the famous revolving doors of The Furchester Hotel and prepare to meet Phoebe, Funella, Furgus, Elmo and Cookie Monster, as they prepare for the exciting arrival of the one and only Chick Swagger!


Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure

Time to wake up! Offering tip top views of the whole of CBeebies Land, children will have lots of fun waking up the sleeping bugs in the CBeebies house in a ride that encourages imaginative play.


Justin’s House Pie-O-Matic Factory

Get ready for some madcap fun, as you help Justin, Robert and Little Monster make the best custard pies ever! This interactive indoor play area allows you to test out the very latest inventions from Robert the Robot.


JoJo & Gran Gran At Home

Visit and explore Gran Gran’s house, where you can let your curiosity run wild as Gran Gran always has something exciting planned when JoJo comes to visit.


Bugbie Go Round

Hop aboard your very own Bugbie cart and get ready for an adventure on this carousel ride, where younger guests can take control of the steering wheel and whizz around.


Hey Duggee’s Big Adventure Badge

Climb, slide and bounce your way through a play and adventure land, then meet Hey Duggee and collect your Big Adventure Badge.


Something Special Sensory Garden

Follow the Tumble trail in the Something Special Sensory Garden, and take a peek inside Mr Tumble’s spotty bag to discover three special objects to look out for. Make sure you’re quiet as you pass Grandad Tumble’s shed as he’s trying to sleep!


Andy’s Adventures Dinosaur Dig

Enjoy a live interactive show which will immerse you in prehistoric sights and sounds, as you see what you can dig and discover with Andy.


In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride

Set sail in your colourful boat on a magical journey to discover all your favourite characters, from the Tombiboos playing peek-a-boo, to Upsy Daisy and even Iggle Piggle. As you drift along children will love the sights and sounds of a picture book that has come to life.


Postman Pat Parcel Post

Become part of Postman Pat’s Special Delivery Service as you take control of Pat’s van on his deliveries through Greendale. Postman Pat’s parcels have got all mixed up, so it’s down to you to help make sure the right parcels get delivered to the village’s residents.


Big Fun Show Time

Big Fun Show Time features a range of live shows based on some of CBeebies’ most popular programmes. Whether you’re just after somewhere to relax with a picnic, or are looking for some exciting entertainment, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


CBeebies Land Photo Studio

Step into the CBeebies Land Photo Studio for the perfect opportunity to meet your favourite CBeebies characters. With lots of different characters for you to meet the only question is which one will you choose to have your photo taken with?

The area first opened in 1989 as Britannia Building Society Farm, an educational attraction centred on modern farming. Guests were able to visit Farm-a-Rama, an exhibition on modern farming, watch cows being milked, and take a relaxing boat ride around the paddocks to see the various animals resident at the farm. In 1992 the name of the area changed to Safeway Farm, and although there weren’t any major changes to the area, Farm-a-Rama was removed, and a barn where some of the animals could be viewed up close was introduced in place of the milking shed.

The first major change to the area occurring in 1995 when Old MacDonald moved in, and the area was renamed Old MacDonald’s Farmyard. This transformation saw the introduction of The Tractor Ride in place of some of the paddocks, Doodle Doo Derby, and The Singing Barn. In 1999 the boat ride was re-themed to Riverbank Eye Spy, an interactive attraction where children had to guess the animals described as you go and press the relevant buttons in the boat which makes the sound of that animal.

The area saw controversy in 2001 with the nationwide outbreak of foot and mouth disease. Despite not being infected, park management made the decision to cull the livestock in order to avoid restrictions being placed on the park’s opening. To replace the lost animals, Ribena Berry Bish Bash opened in 2003 and The Dung Heap play area was introduced in 2007.

More recently the animals made a return to the farmyard including rabbits, ferrets, chickens, and even donkeys, offering children the opportunity to interact with and learn more about the animals that call the farm home. The animals remained until the closure of the area in October 2013 and were relocated to Chessington World of Adventures Resort for the 2014 season. The area has also been host to some of the park’s Christmas events, providing the home for Santa’s Grotto, and the chance to meet his famous reindeer.

In September 2013 a planning application was submitted for a new family development on the site of Old MacDonald’s Farm. This was later revealed to be CBeebies Land and would mean a complete transformation for the area which had been a family favourite for many years.

During the closed season of 2014/15, CBeebies Land was extended onto the former site of The Beastie with the addition of a new family rollercoaster – Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure.

Two new shows were introduced to Big Fun Showtime at the start of the 2016 season, with shows featuring Hey Duggee and Tree Fu Tom replacing those of Nina and the Neurons and Mike the Knight, whilst The Zingzillas continued to entertain younger guests with their music.

2017 saw new friends arrive in CBeebies Land, with Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride and The Furchester Hotel Live joining the line-up of attractions for the start of the 2017 theme park season. This season also saw The Zingzillas’ show replaced by ‘The Funster Show’ in the Big Fun Showtime pavilion.

Peter Rabbit returned to Alton Towers Resort in 2019, with the opening of Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop – a pair of frog hopper towers. However, Nina’s Science Lab didn’t return for the 2019 season, making it the first of CBeebies Land’s attractions to close.

2020 saw the retheming of The Numtums Number-Go-Round to adopt a more generic Bugbies theme, as well as the final operation of Charlie and Lola’s Moonsquirters & Green Drops, which, given the interactive nature of the attraction, remained closed following the COVID-19 pandemic.

New attractions then arrived for the 2022 season, with Hey Duggee’s Big Adventure Badge replacing Tree Fu Tom Training Camp, Andy’s Adventures Dinosaur Dig replacing Mr Bloom’s Allotment, and JoJo & Gran Gran At Home utilising the building previously home to Charlie and Lola’s Moonsquirters & Green Drops.