Storybook Land is probably the smallest area that the theme park has seen, however that didn’t stop this magical fairytale land being one of the best themed!

Fact File

  • Opening Year: 1996
  • Closing Year: 2013


Fun & Games

  • Squirrel Nutty (From 2010)
  • Squirrel Nutty’s Storytime (From 2012)

The area’s concept was conceived following the success of Peter Rabbit and Friends on Ice, so in 1996, two years after the first performance, the surrounding area, which had formerly been part of Adventure Land, was rethemed to fit in with the show. Storybook Land opened with two new attractions in the Squirrel Nutty Ride and The Bookworm, alongside the Ginger and Pickles shop.

As part of the revamp of Peter Rabbit and Friends on Ice in 1998, the Ginger and Pickles shop was removed in order to become the new entrance area for the show.

The departure of Peter Rabbit in 2001 also saw the removal of the familiar Big Top, to be replaced with the more permanent and purpose-built Ice Arena. This new venue would go on to house the technological Webmaster in 2002, followed by the much more traditional Circus of Illusion for 2004. The 2005 closed season saw the Ice Arena host the Magic of Panto on Ice during the Winter Weekends, but it transpired this was the last show to be hosted in the venue, with the Big Top sitting empty from the 2006 season onward.

Despite his ride having been located in the area since the beginning, Squirrel Nutty made his first appearance in 2010 and went on to host his own storytime from 2012, following the success of Skelvin’s Spooky Storytime during Scarefest 2011 (which continued in the subsequent seasons).

In 2013 it emerged that Storybook Land, alongside Old MacDonald’s Farmyard, would be redeveloped into CBeebies Land for the 2014 season. Following the area’s closure on November 3rd, the Bookworm and Ice Arena were removed whilst the Squirrel Nutty Ride was rethemed as part of the development.