Amongst the treetops of Storybook Land lived the Squirrel Nutty, a friendly creature who sought adventure high over his residence and the neighbouring Old MacDonald’s Farmyard. Who could possibly have said no to a grand voyage through the skies in their very own acorn?

Fact File

  • Location: Storybook Land
  • Manufacturer: Premier Rides
  • Cost: £1 million
  • Height: 4m
  • Duration: 4 mins (approx)
  • Capacity per car: 2
  • Opening Year: 1996
  • Closing Year: 2013

The entrance to the ride was located just off the border between Storybook Land and Adventure Land. As guests made their way through the queue line, there were various puzzles installed to keep the younger adventurers entertained as the adventure ahead with everyone’s favourite squirrel grew ever closer.

Upon climbing a set of stairs to the entrance of the Squirrel Nutty’s treehouse, guests were directed to their awaiting acorn which the Squirrel Nutty had volunteered to push you around in. Splendid!

Guests’ voyage through the skies began, as riders left the treehouse behind as they passed over the foliage and ponds of Storybook Land below. The acorn then headed towards Old MacDonald’s Farmyard, passing through a tree and encountering several shallow dips and climbs. The ride then proceeded to pass over the layout of Old MacDonald’s Tractor Ride, allowing interaction between guests on each ride.

After passing through several arched trees and coasting over a series of dips and climbs, the fantastic treetop journey drew to a close as the acorn returned to the station.

The arrival of Squirrel Nutty in 1996 brought a new breath of fresh life to the area in between the farmyard and Adventure Land, introducing Storybook Land! This saw the introduction of bizarre trees shaped to accommodate the track of the ride, as well as a brand new centrepiece in the form of the Bookworm.

When the ride originally opened, each acorn contained a set of pedals which presented riders the opportunity to increase the speed. However as the years went by, the pedals were removed and with the ride experience remaining the same until its CBeebies retheme.

Squirrel Nutty took the last guests for a ride at the end of the 2013 season, with the area being rethemed to CBeebies Land for 2014. Although the actual ride system was maintained during the redevelopment, when the ride reopened as Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure new theming and vehicle shells had been added, with the ride now focusing on the CBeebies Bugbies.