Join Postman Pat and Jess and become part of Postman Pat’s Special Delivery Service as you take control of Pat’s van on his deliveries through Greendale. Postman Pat’s parcels have got all mixed up, it is down to you to help set things right and make sure the right parcels get delivered to the village’s residents.


  • Min. Rider Height: None
  • Unaccompanied Height: 1.1m
  • Max. Rider Height: None
  • Ride Photography: Yes
  • Fastrack: No

Tech Specs

  • Manufacturer: Metallbau Emmein GmbH & Co.
  • Ride Type: Guided Track Ride
  • Opened: 24th May 2014
  • No. of Vans: 8
  • Passengers per Van: 5 (2 adults & 3 children)
  • Capacity: 320 riders per hour
  • Duration: 2 mins 45 secs

Joining the queue outside the Sorting Office, you make your way inside where you wait to board one of Postman Pat’s vans. Whilst you wait there is a range of interactive tasks throughout the queue-line to help keep little ones occupied.

After receiving your instructions you set off on your mission to deliver the parcels to the residents of Greendale. Taking control of the van you travel through Greendale and have to use your problem solving skills to make sure you select the right parcel for the right resident using the buttons on the dashboard of the van. Guests can also take control of the lights and horn of the van making it a fully interactive experience.

Postman Pat Parcel Post was installed on the former site of Old MacDonald’s Tractor Ride for the area’s retheme to CBeebies Land in May 2014. Although it uses a similar ride system and follows a similar route to its predecessor, the ride hardware for Old MacDonald’s Tractor Ride was completely removed and replaced during the retheme.



When Old Macdonald’s Farmyard and Storybook Land were rethemed into CBeebies Land for May 2014, we documented its construction, including an aerial update from MI7!