It’s all hands to the deck, as guests set sail for the wettest challenge around. Will you reign victorious as you take on fellow pirates and landlubbers alike, or will you sink to Davy Jones’ Locker beneath a barrage of cannon fire? Get ready to soak friends and foe alike as the park arms you with a water cannon and ship on Battle Galleons.


  • Min. Rider Height: 0.9m
  • Unaccompanied Height: 1.1m
  • Max. Rider Height: None
  • Ride Photography: No
  • Fastrack: Yes

Tech Specs

  • Manufacturer: Mack Rides
  • Ride Type: Splash Battle
  • Opened: 15th March 2008
  • Passengers per Boat: 8
  • Number of Boats: 8
  • Capacity: 800 riders per hour
  • Duration: 3 mins 00 secs

The entrance to Battle Galleons is across a rope bridge set amongst a set of castle turrets. As guests embark on the winding queue line, there are various opportunities to man the water cannons throughout the line to soak the riders. But be warned, those manning the boats will be able to fire back at you as well!

After being assembled into a crew of 8, guests are organised into their ships. Captain Black wishes all of your crew a hearty good luck as you begin your voyage to a watery battle!

Once your voyage begins, there are various items lying around in the water awaiting to be shot at, including powder kegs, several pieces of shipwreck and even a shark! In order to drench these targets, each rider is presented with a water cannon to operate. A handle at the side of each cannon is the key to operating it, and the faster you turn, the more powerful the jet of water it emits.

But the targets in the water aren’t the only obstacles to worry about. On occasion, other ride boats will be in such a close proximity to your ship that it will become possible to engage in a watery soak battle.  And if that wasn’t enough, there are even water cannons dotted around the shore which can easily be manned by guests who do not wish to ride! They will be sure to commence spraying at you and can also easily retreat backwards, something which you are powerless to do on your ship!

As the ship approaches the return leg back to the station, an on ride photo camera will capture just how wet you and your crew are. Upon disembarking, riders will have the chance to view the photo, as well as enter a full body drier incase the battle on the lake of Mutiny Bay may have been wetter than you anticipated!

Battle Galleons is the modern generation of rides that have previously resided on the lake. The lake was originally home to the beautiful and iconic Swan Boat ride, which opened in 1987 and closed after seventeen years of service in 2003.

The replacement for the Swan Boats was the less majestic Splash Kart Challenge, which was eventually removed prior to the major construction work which began on the area of Merrie England in 2007.

In November, the lake that previously housed these two attractions was drained and extensive construction work commenced. The previous station building was demolished entirely, and footers began cropping up all over the dry lake bed.

In February 2008 for the half term event, guests were presented with the first chance to see what exactly would be residing on the lake when the park opened for the main season in March.  A guide trough had been installed and was filled for the first time, whilst the giant galleon ship structure was nearing completion in the centre of the lake.

On March 15th 2008, Battle Galleons opened alongside the rest of the new Mutiny Bay area, becoming the next installment of the iconic rides that have set up home on the lake it currently occupies.



2008 saw a complete overhaul of the boating lake with the arrival of a brand new Splash Battle water ride with a pirate theme; aptly named ‘Battle Galleons’.