Shiver me timbers, m’hearties! The once serene port of Merrie England has been overrun by scurvy scum and transformed into Mutiny Bay – a perfect pirate’s playground. But be wary, for a mysterious group have taken a nearby clearing as their own, constructing a flaming effigy as the centrepiece of their ceremony.

Food & Drink

  • The Welcom-Inn
  • The Burger Kitchen
  • Eastern Express
  • Mutiny Bay Hot Dogs, Nachos & Waffles
  • Mutiny Bay Donuts
  • Pirate Treats
  • Coffee Kiosk
  • Coca Cola Freestyle


  • Wicker Man Shop
  • Sharkbait Reef Shoppe

Fun & Games

  • Pirate’s Quest Arcade
  • Rites of Passage


  • Buggy Parking – near Sharkbait Reef
  • Toilets – found opposite Marauder’s Mayhem
  • Smoking Area – located near path to Katanga Canyon

The centrepiece of Mutiny Bay is Battle Galleons, an interactive water ride set in the lake at the heart of the area. Get ready to soak friends and foe alike as the park arms you with a water cannon on one of eight pirate boats to cast off into the melee. Even Land Lubbers can get in on the action, with various water cannons placed on the paths around the ride allowing them to give a good soaking to any shipmate who gets too close.

Mutiny Bay is also home to Marauder’s Mayhem, a fresh look for the park’s Tea Cup Ride, as well as Heave Ho!, which adds a whole new spin to a traditional Pirate Ship ride. Families are sure to have fun when they’re taken for a spin in an explosive barrel, or brave Mutiny Bay’s choppy seas!

If you fancy a trip to Davy Jones’ Locker take a visit to Sharkbait Reef by Sea Life, where guests can come face to face with monsters of the deep. The courtyard at the centre of Mutiny Bay provides a covered seating area, perfect for picnics or a place to rest your sea-legs. Completing the line-up, salty seadogs can enjoy a hearty snack from one of the area’s food outlets, or enjoy a range of shops and sideshows.

But there is also a structure which towers imposingly over Mutiny Bay – it is that of Wicker Man, the Resort’s first wooden rollercoaster. In fact, the area to the East of the courtyard is now the territory of The Beornen, where those in search of a drink can find The Welcom-Inn, the chosen ones can partake in Rites of Passage, and the truly devoted can make a purchase from the Wicker Man Shop.


Wicker Man

Unite with the chosen ones on board this wooden rollercoaster, as you embark on a rite of passage into the mysterious world of The Beornen. At the centre of the ceremony stands a six-storey tall effigy that ignites in flames each time you burst through its chest.


Battle Galleons

It’s all hands to the deck, as guests set sail for the wettest challenge around. Will you reign victorious as you take on fellow pirates and landlubbers alike, or will you sink to Davy Jones’ Locker beneath a barrage of cannon fire?


Heave Ho!

Sail the seven seas as you climb aboard this pirate ship in Mutiny Bay, which provides guests with a swashbuckling experience as they rock and spin. This choppy boat ride is a true test of your sea legs!


Marauder’s Mayhem

All aboard Marauder’s Mayhem; an explosive mix of rum barrels and TNT, that is bound to send you into a spin. Take your seat on this originally themed teacups ride and control how dizzy you want to get.


Sharkbait Reef by SEA LIFE

Explore the wreckage of Captain Black’s galleon in Mutiny Bay and discover a whole new underwater world. With over 300 species of fish, including rays, sharks and seahorses, get ready to enter the magical and mysterious world under the sea.

One of the oldest parts of the Alton Towers Resort, the area where Mutiny Bay currently stands, was originally part of the Alton Towers Estate housing the Estate’s stables and blacksmiths.

Initially the area was known as the Ingestre Centre and was home to the original Flume – at the time the longest in the world – alongside a selection of other rides and attractions including the park’s cable car system.

The first change to the area occurred in 1984 when the area was re-named Aqualand, and at the time it spanned an area encompassing the current Katanga Canyon, Mutiny Bay, and part of the current Towers Street. 1986 saw the introduction of a range of new rides, the largest of which was the Grand Canyon Rapids ride. Part of the area was also converted to form Kiddies Kingdom (now Adventure Land and part of CBeebies Land) and develop the Towers Street entrance. Just one season later the old cable car system was replaced with the Skyride and a new station built at the bottom of Towers Street. This created space for the Tea Cups to be introduced, alongside the Swan Boats on the Ingestre Lake.

The next significant change occurred in 1992 alongside the development of Katanga Canyon. The Grand Canyon Rapids were re-themed to this new area, whilst Aqualand itself became Merrie England – a medieval themed area.

In 2004 the Swan Boats left the area and were replaced by Splash Kart Challenge, a pay to ride attraction. 2004 also saw a re-theme of The Flume to become The Flume: Unplugged sponsored by Imperial Leather.

The last major re-theme occurred in 2008, when Merrie England became Mutiny Bay. All rides, with the exception of The Flume, received a pirate re-theme and Battle Galleons and Heave Ho! were added to the line-up of attractions in the area. The most recent attraction to be added to the area is Sharkbait Reef by Sealife, allowing guests to discover all about life below the waves, including a ten metre underwater shark tunnel.

Significant developments were underway when the theme park reopened in 2016, with The Flume closed ahead of its removal to make way for what eventually came to be Wicker Man. The 2016 season also saw the Pirates of Mutiny Bay set sail for new shores with the discontinuation of their family favourite show in the courtyard.

Change was underway in 2017, with this season seeing the construction of Wicker Man, then known only as Secret Weapon 8. Scarefest 2017 also saw the courtyard become home to the new scare maze, The Welcoming: Be Chosen – the “official prequel experience” to SW8.

The wooden rollercoaster then opened in 2018, with its arrival seeing The Beornen takeover some of the nearby buildings. This included a re-theme of the Courtyard Tavern to The Welcom-Inn, with some of the theming installed in the Mutiny Bay courtyard for The Welcoming: Be Chosen left in place. The Burger Kitchen also permanently re-opened with a subtle re-brand to tie in with the new attraction, while the unit previously home to Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop reopened as the Coffee Kiosk. The three quick service windows at the far end of the Courtyard building also received a subtle re-theme, now serving waffles, hotdogs, and hot wraps.

Past Areas

Ingestre Centre
Merrie England