For a swashbuckling adventure guests could head to the Courtyard Tavern in the heart of Mutiny Bay where they’d encounter dastardly pirates, damsels in distress, and unlikely heroes all embarking on their latest adventures.

Fact File

  • Location: Mutiny Bay
  • Show Time: 20 mins
  • Opening Year: 2008
  • Closing Year: 2015

The Courtyard Tavern was home to The Pirates of Mutiny Bay from 2008 when a stage was added to the corner of the already well established eating venue. A family favourite, guests could enjoy the show whilst eating their lunch or enjoying a drink.

Over the years there have been a number of shows to grace the Courtyard Tavern stage:

Pirates of Mutiny Bay – 2008-2009

Join the scourge of the seven seas as they hunt for treasure and new recruits. Cutthroat Jake and Sid Limpet pitted against the cruellest of all pirates, Draco Darkheart, scourge of the seven seas.

Will our dynamic duo defeat Darkheart and discover the infamous treasure of Mutiny Bay? One things for sure they will need all the help they can get, and so it’s lucky they have the audience there to join them in the action!

The Pirate of Sharkbait Reef – 2009-2010

Head on down to the Mutiny Bay Courtyard and meet Emily in The Pirate of Sharkbait Reef. Our heroine has become the unfortunate hostage of an evil pirate and the show follows her swashbuckling adventures with Billy the deck-washer as they try and escape becoming shark bait.

The Pirates of Mutiny Bay – Quest for the Golden Parrot – 2011

Legend has it that out on the open seas there is a Golden Parrot, and whoever should possess this mythical beast shall discover marvellous treasures beyond their wildest dreams. And as luck should have it, it just so happens that a band of pirates has just weighed anchor in Mutiny Bay in search of this lost treasure, and if you’re very lucky they might take you along for the adventure.

The Pirates of Mutiny Bay – Curse of the Red Skull – 2012

Join the crew of the Fat Pig on their quest to find the rarest of treasures the mythical Red Skull. Legend has it that anyone who looks into the eyes of the Red Skull will become “that which they are not” and so is a tempting loot for any pirate worth his (or her) salt.

However all might not be plain sailing for this motley crew as there are rumours abound that Shark Tooth Jack, the evilest pirate on the seven seas, has also been spotted in Mutiny Bay searching for this prized treasure. But who knows, perhaps today he is feeling kind and will share the skull… though I wouldn’t hold your breath.

The Kidnap of Lady Victoria Sponge – 2013-2015

The notorious Shark Tooth Jack has kidnapped Lady Victoria Sponge and plans to ransom her to get his hands on her fiancée’s fortune. But, all is not lost as Sir Edward England sets out to rescue Lady Victoria from Shark Tooth Jack’s dastardly clutches. Can Sir Edward and Lady Victoria avoid the flesh eating piranhas? Or will Shark Tooth Jack get away with his evil plan?

The 2016 season saw a reduction in the number of attractions operating at the park, understood to be part of the Resort’s recovery process from The Smiler incident in June 2015, so The Pirates of Mutiny Bay set sail for new waters, not being seen at all during the season.