There was treasure to be found down in Mutiny Bay! A veritable king’s ransom in gold was awaiting discovery by Marauder’s Mayhem, in Pirate’s Treasure – the park’s Panning for Gold game.

Fact File

Location: Mutiny Bay
Manufacturer: Western Log Leisure
Cost: £57,000
Build Time: 3 weeks
Cost per Pan: £3.00
Opening Year: 2008
Closing Year: 2010

Guests could grab a pan and feel the fever as they discovered what lay beneath the water’s surface. They could then take any gold that they found to the neighbouring shack and the swab therein would exchange it for a shiny medallion to reward their efforts.

Pirate’s Treasure was a pay-per-play attraction and costed £3 per pan, though there was a prize for every pirate who crossed the attendant’s palm with silver.