2012 saw the entrance of Forbidden Valley transformed as the park investigated the Nemesis phenomenon more closely and uncovered what lies beneath. It was known that Nemesis Sub-Terra would be a dark ride, with the plans revealing the building that contained the ride, but not what sort of attraction it would be.

The story of Nemesis Sub-Terra centres around Phalanx Control, a tactical security company specialising in providing security to sensitive research locations across the world. The company are reportedly responsible for securing Nemesis when it was first unleashed on the world 18 years prior to the launch of Nemesis Sub-Terra, and returned in 2011 to do further research.

In February 2012, Phalanx Control stepped in to take responsibility for the Nemesis Sub-Terra egg, which had been included as part of the Faberge Big Egg Hunt in London. It was believed a similar egg would be integral to the findings Phalanx were preparing to reveal to civilians. Most press releases regarding the new attraction came from Phalanx Control.

On March 24th 2012, Phalanx Control prepared to reveal their findings to the general public, having kept it under tight wraps over the closed season. As part of their operation have kept civilians up to date with their progress through their dedicated Twitter feed.

The talented Steve Boswell provided TowersTimes with these excellent conceptual models of what the ride would look like based on the ride’s plans. As well as the attraction itself he modelled the entire end of Forbidden Valley from The Skyride and The Blade across to the new ride.