Fancy taking a trip on The Screw? You know, The Screw… in Forbidden Valley? Perhaps you’d prefer Ripsaw? Thankfully there shouldn’t be any confusion when it comes to The Blade, which has retained its original name since being destined for Forbidden Valley.

The Screw

Here we have three generations of concepts for Ripsaw, including some from when the park were considering calling the ride ‘The Screw’. It is unknown as to why the name was changed, but it might have been due to potential confusion with The Corkscrew in Festival Park and The Screw Fountain in the gardens.

The Blade

Whilst we’re thinking about the additions to Forbidden Valley for 1997 it would be remiss of us not to take a quick look at The Blade as well. In this unique picture The Blade can be seen in Fantasy World, where the park’s designers have overlaid what the ride would eventually look like onto one of the park’s publicity shots of the Pirate Ship, in front of the Black Hole.