At the beginning of February 2016, Alton Towers Resort submitted a planning application seeking permission to implement Phase 2 of the Enchanted Village. The development would have seen 35 new lodges added, alongside a tipi entertainments area and associated service buildings, constructed in three sub-phases with from 2018 through to 2021. These plans were replaced by those submitted for the Stargazing Pods in March 2018.

Below you’ll find the plans which give an idea of how the expansion would have looked once all phases had been completed.

The first phase would have seen the construction of 26 of the double lodges and the extension of The Crooked Spoon restaurant along with the first part of a ‘service core’ to provide facilities such as laundry, cleaning and other services required for the day to day operation of the accommodation. Two new service huts were also due to be constructed to facilitate the additional demand from the new lodges. Some changes would also have been made to the existing car parking arrangements, with ‘Car Park J’ re-lined to provide 254 spaces (6 of which will be accessible spaces).

Quick Reference

  • 26 double lodges (52 new rooms – 3 accessible) with surrounding landscaping and play areas
  • Extension of The Crooked Spoon
  • 2 new service huts
  • Phase 1 of new service core building
  • Associated landscaping and parking

Phase 2.2 would have consisted of the addition of three large tipis to form an entertainment area for an estimated 200 guests with activities proposed from 4pm until 9:30pm. These were to form part of the Village Centre to the south of the expansion site, although a similar idea has been carried through to the Stargazing Pods development. To support the addition of this entertainment space the ‘service core’ constructed as part of phase 2.1 was due to be extended to include toilets and form a small courtyard. Plans also indicated that this extension would have offered a bar and snack facility facing out onto the courtyard towards the tipis.

Quick Reference

  • New Tipi entertainment area
  • Phase 2 of new service core building

The final phase of the expansion would have seen the construction of the remaining 9 double lodges and the addition of a new reception building to the north of the newly expanded site. This reception building was designed to complement the existing fairytale theme with a similar appearance to the original lodges. Once opened, the existing reception area, located next to the Crooked Spoon Restaurant, would have been converted to provide additional space within the main restaurant. Although a similar building featured in the original Stargazing Pods plans, it was removed in subsequent revisions. This phase would have also seen the addition of a further service hut, as well as a new open storage and maintenance area to meet the needs of the increased size of the Enchanted Village.

Quick Reference

  • 9 double lodges (18 new rooms – 1 accessible) with surrounding landscaping and play areas
  • A new reception building – current reception area will close to provide additional space in The Crooked Spoon
  • 1 new service hut
  • New open storage and maintenance area