Available between 2007 and early 2009 at Alton Towers, YourDay captured and recorded personalised footage of guests as they enjoyed eight of the most popular rides: Air, Congo River Rapids, Corkscrew, The Flume, Nemesis, Oblivion, Rita – Queen of Speed and Spinball Whizzer.

As guests entered the Park, they were offered a free YourDay RFID (radio frequency identification) wristband to wear during their visit. The wristbands were read by the YourDay RFID network as guests walked through the park and went on the rides, matching their personalised footage with their wristbands. At the end of their visit, the guest’s movie was created in under five minutes at the YourDay shop on Towers Street.

Guests could choose between a personalised multi-ride DVD for £19.99 (or £18.99 if bought in advance) or a single ride DVD for £8.99. Alton Towers and Merlin Annual Pass holders received a 20% discount when buying a YourDay DVD at the full RRP. Whichever souvenir DVD they chose, it was the perfect way to capture their memories and preserve their day at Alton Towers Resort forever.

New for 2008

Preview – Guests could see a preview of their movie at the till, before deciding whether to buy.

Make your own Movie – Guests could select which rides they want included on their DVD, so their movie will only show the rides they went on (instead of actors on the rides they missed).

Mix and Match – Guests could add in footage from another wristband to a DVD, so if a group went on different rides, YourDay can create one movie from several wristbands.

Special Offers

Save £20 on your next visit to Alton Towers – Guests buying the multi-ride YourDay movie will also receive two complimentary vouchers, each worth £10 off their next visit.

Early Bird Offer – get an extra movie for FREE
– Guests buying the multi-ride YourDay DVD at £19.99 before 3pm will also receive a FREE Single Ride DVD of their choice!

YourDay FAQs

What’s the wristband for?
It simply tells the YourDay system to gather all the guest’s clips in one place as they enjoy the eight featured rides and wander through the park.

Does that mean the guest has to buy the movie?
Not at all… there is no obligation to purchase!

Does the guest have to go on rides in a specific order?
No, YourDay covers the eight most popular rides plus several other park locations – they can be enjoyed as many times as and in whatever order the guest chooses.

But what if the guest misses one?
No problem – YourDay will tailor their clips into one seamless movie, starring the guest on the rides they choose, leaving out any they missed.

And what if the guest goes on a ride more than once?
We capture every time, then use the clips from the last ride in their movie.

How do the ‘master shots’ of the park match up with the personalised footage?
The cameras are positioned so that there is little or no sky in the personalised footage and any slight discrepancies are fixed by professional editing software and guests can preview before they buy!

Does everyone in a group need a wristband?

No. Each wristband worn will create its own unique movie, but if guests keep their group together on the rides then one wristband is enough to give everyone a starring role!

So does it mean YourDay will know where a guest is at any given time?
Absolutely not – wristbands are both numbered and handed out completely at random. YourDay can match them up with movie clips, but never with the individual wearing it.

11th-14th February 2007

21st-24th February 2007

March 2007