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The Theme Park is split into different themed areas. Click an area on the map below, or use the list underneath it, to explore what the park has to offer.

Twirling Toadstool is currently closed as part of the Resort’s Towers Loving Care programme. Nemesis Sub-Terra is also closed.

AL Icon

Adventure Land

For adventurers, young and old, Sonic Spinball takes fun to dizzying new heights.

CBeebies Icon

CBeebies Land

Children can interact with some of their favourite characters in this colourful land.

CCL Icon

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Think big and enter this magical land where anything is possible with a little imagination.

DF Icon

Dark Forest

Surrender yourself to the demons of the Dark Forest and be thrilled by Rita and Thirteen.

FV Icon

Forbidden Valley

Enter the Valley to experience the awesome power of Nemesis and breathtaking flight of Air.

Gardens Icon

The Gardens

At the heart of the Alton Estate, the gardens offer a tranquil retreat from the crowds.

GW Icon

Gloomy Wood

Deep in Gloomy Wood lurks Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back. Dare you face the ghouls?

KC Icon

Katanga Canyon

The Runaway Mine Train and Congo River Rapids await unwary riders in this African mining colony.

MB Icon

Mutiny Bay

Shiver me timbers, the pirates have come to Alton Towers, sailing in on their Battle Galleons.

TTC Icon

The Towers Complex

Step inside the ruins in order to experience Hex: The Legend of the Towers.

TS Icon

Towers Street

The portal to the magic that is Alton Towers and home to the legendary Leap Frog Fountains.

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You can get around the park by foot, track or even via the sky, on the park’s transport systems.

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X Sector

Become an advocate for The Ministry of Joy and be subjected to Oblivion and The Smiler.