Go on an adventure in the African mining village, whether this be by rail or river you’re sure to enjoy your exploration.

Food & Drink

  • Explorers Pizza & Pasta Buffet
  • Coca Cola Freestyle


  • Katanga Cargo Shop

Fun & Games

  • Katanga Cargo Games


  • Buggy Parking Area – located near entrance to Runaway Mine Train
  • Toilets – nearest toilets found in Gloomy Wood or Mutiny Bay
  • Smoking Area – located between Katanga Cargo Shop and Games

Set on its very own island surrounded by the Congo River Rapids, This African settlement is an adventurous area allowing visitors to explore the wild. The two rides in Katanga Canyon; The Runaway Mine Train and the Congo River Rapids, each explore the area via a different route.

Jump aboard a raft on the Congo river and face its rather wet torrents and twists – it’s unlikely that you’ll remain dry. You can also take your seat on the mine train and zoom around its rickety tracks.

At the heart of the village is a plaza which has everything the modern day adventurer could want. Katanga Canyon is home to Explorers Pizza and Pasta Buffet, as well as a host of fun sideshows and its own shop, The Katanga Cargo Company, which sells Alton Towers merchandise and many other jungle goodies.


Congo River Rapids

Deep in the heart of Katanga Canyon, a crazy African river awaits guests who boldly seek adventure. With raging torrents and the potential for a soaking, the Congo River Rapids is certainly not a gentle glide down a stream!


Runaway Mine Train

All aboard! Take your seat aboard the crazy Runaway Mine Train for a guaranteed fantastic family adventure into the heart of Katanga Canyon, zooming over pathways, twisting through woodland and descending into a dark tunnel. Choo, Choo! Oh Yeah!

Katanga Canyon opened for the 1992 season and was developed to house the new Runaway Mine Train. The development also saw the entrance to the Grand Canyon Rapids moved from Aqualand to the new area, and the rapids re-themed and renamed to the Congo River Rapids to suit the new area.

Designed to give guests the impression that they have been transported to Africa, the area has seen relatively little change in recent years, with the latest addition being the Explorers Pizza & Pasta Buffet.

Due to the construction of SW8, the main pathway from Mutiny Bay to Katanga Canyon was closed off during the 2017 season, meaning that guests could only access the area from Gloomy Wood.

Past Areas

This area’s theme has remained the same since its creation.

Past Attractions

Grand Canyon Rapids
Log Flume / The Flume