Adventure Land is the park’s official residence of non stop fun for all the family when they get taken for a spin on its giant pinball machine!


  • Toilets – found in CBeebies Land or just outside entrance to X Sector

Get ready to play, it’s time to become a part of your own game of human pinball in Adventure Land!

Home to Spinball Whizzer, a spinning coaster custom designed for Alton Towers and themed around a giant pinball machine, visitors can have a ball being thrown around their own game of pinball, complete with music and sound effects. No two rides are the same meaning guests can enjoy this area’s sole attraction time and again.


Spinball Whizzer

Become a part of your very own, life sized game of pinball as you spin, twist and turn in every direction imaginable on the track of a giant pinball machine.

Originally opening in 1986 as Kiddies Kingdom the area was home to a wide range of play equipment and climbing frames providing a playground for children of all ages.

Initially covering an area incorporating the current Adventure Land and what was, until recently, Storybook Land, Kiddies Kingdom only saw small alterations and changes to its line-up. In 1992 the first major changes were mad with the addition of a giant big top style tent which became home to various live shows, including Peter Rabbit and Friends on Ice.

In 1996 the area was split into two to become Storybook Land and the current Adventure Land. Just a year later two attractions were moved into the area The Gallopers Carousel and The Beastie in order to expand the experiences on offer. The Gallopers Carousel was later move to Cred Street (now Cloud Cuckoo Land) in 2003 to make way for a brand new project for the 2004 season.

2004 saw the next major change to the area with the introduction of Spinball Whizzer. Further minor changes were made in 2010 when Alton Towers agreed a deal with popular video games company Sega. This saw Spinball Whizzer renamed Sonic Spinball and re-themed to include characters from the popular Sonic the Hedgehog video games. 2010 also saw The Beastie cease operation and was closed off where it remained SBNO until its removal in 2013.

Over the course of the 2014/15 closed season, Adventure Land was to be reduced in size as the former site of The Beastie was transformed into Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure, a new children’s coaster which represented an expansion of the hugely popular CBeebies Land. This left Sonic Spinball as the sole attraction in the area.

After five years, the end of the 2015 season saw the Sonic the Hedghog licence come to an end, which meant another change of theme for the spinning coaster which called the area home. All traces of Sonic the Hedgehog were removed and the rollercoaster reverted back to Spinball Whizzer. To coincide with this, new music produced by IMAscore was also introduced to the area.

Past Areas

Kiddies Kingdom

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Amazon Bouncy Castle
Ball Pool
Enchanted Castle
Gallopers Carousel
Little Magic
Riverside Bouncy Castle
Space Adventures Play Area
The Beastie
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