Astroglide was first constructed at Alton Towers in the 1970s, sitting at the end of what became Talbot Street, and would eventually become one of the rides in Adventureland 4-11.

Fact File

  • Location: Talbot Street / Adventureland 4-11
  • Manufacturer: Bennett
  • Closing Year: 1992

The attraction was a giant undercover slide, which was great fun for the kids. Built by Bennett (a major UK ride manufacturer of the 1960s & 70s, including building over 100 Astroglides), the attraction was originally part of Brian Collins’ selection of amusements from the 1970s.

When Adventureland 4-11 closed, Astroglide remained open the following season but finally closed at the end of 1992. Along with a number of rides, it was sold to Pleasure Island and opened there in the park’s first season (1993) and remained there until the park’s closure.