Alton Towers is said to be home to many ghouls, some of which you’ll find lurking in a mysterious corner of the woodlands.

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Haunted Hollow

Set deep within the ancient woodland of Alton Towers, Gloomy Wood is home to many of the park’s ghouls and goblins, who like nothing more then to play with unwary adventurers who pass through on the way to Forbidden Valley.

At the heart of this spooky dell sits Duel, a Haunted House filled with so many demons that the only safe way for riders to pass through is armed with laser guns to keep the hordes at bay. Those with nerves of steel may approach Gloomy Wood along the Haunted Hollow, a spooky shortcut from Mutiny Bay.

Duel – The Haunted House Strikes Back

In the depths of Gloomy Wood, a collection of research looking at the reanimation of the dead has been left behind by a missing scientist inside an old haunted house. Now, the haunted house is striking back! Take up your blasters and prepare to Duel!

Gloomy Wood was created in 1992, on the path between Katanga Canyon and Forbidden Valley, then known as Thunder Valley. For many years there was only one attraction in this woodland area, The Haunted House, which later became Duel – The Haunted House Strikes Back in 2003.

Gloomy Wood is a very unspoilt area of the park with much room for expansion, and indeed in 2007 the area became home to one end of the Haunted Hollow, its second attraction.

Past Areas

This area’s theme has remained the same since its creation.

Past Attractions

The Haunted House