Fearless families who dare to venture into the Haunted Hollow, a shortcut between Gloomy Wood and Mutiny Bay, are likely to encounter some of the Park’s ghoulish guests. Following the route of the old Park Railway that closed in 1996, the Hollow is located in an area of Alton Towers’ ancient and wild woodland.


  • Min. Rider Height: None
  • Max. Rider Height: None
  • Ride Photography: No
  • Fastrack: Yes

Tech Specs

  • Manufacturer: Tussauds Studios
  • Type: Walkthrough
  • Opened: 24th March 2007
  • Cost: £250,000

Entering the Haunted Hollow from Mutiny Bay, unwary guests are greeted with the Earl’s Tomb, a reputedly haunted memorial to one of the park’s previous owners. The years have not been kind to this old monument and the cracks along its sides bare testimony to this, perhaps allowing foolhardy guests to take a peak inside.

Following the path along from here, visitors may be able to hear the guffawing of two of the park’s friendlier spirits. These are Bernard Grumblebum and Edwin Mutterson, whose tombs can be found along the route, and who, even beyond the grave, enjoy a good bit of banter.

You may choose to stay a while and listen in on these giggling ghouls, though the braver amongst you might venture on until coming across two smoking gargoyles. Just over the way from these statues stands the Maiden’s Chamber, whose call can be heard from within. Dare you enter and meet her?

Not far beyond the chamber you will emerge into a lakeside clearing, which houses the tombs of several of the musicians who have brought music into the estate over the centuries. Some say that if you stand at the foot of their graves you can sometimes still hear their ghostly music floating up from the ground below.

From here it is just a short walk up the hill into the relative normality of Gloomy Wood, however first you must pass between the monuments of those who have served within the Towers over the years. Tread quietly and they may just pass on a message from beyond the grave.

The Haunted Hollow opened for the 2007 season, providing a shortcut between what was then Merrie England (now Mutiny Bay) and Gloomy Wood, using the route of the old Park Railway which closed in 1996.

Following the removal of the hearse that used to be found along the route, two gargoyle figures, along with a smoke effect, took its place in late-2014.



In 2007, spirits and ghouls moved into the pathway between Mutiny Bay and Gloomy Wood, partially along the route of the old miniature railway.