There are a variety of ways to get around the Alton Towers theme park, whether it be by rail, foot or even in the air, they each provide their own views of the theme park surroundings.

There are two choices of how to travel from the car park to the theme park entrance. You can either walk to Towers Street, which is about a 1km and takes around 20 minutes, or catch the Monorail from the station located in the main car park. The Monorail has been around since 1987 and is the quicker and less strenuous option.

Once inside the park you may want to save time by catching the Skyride between Towers Street, Forbidden Valley and Cloud Cuckoo Land.



Guests who aren’t keen to trek between the car parks and theme park entrance can climb aboard the Monorail! As well as getting to save your legs for the rest of the day, the journey also provides views of the theme park’s attractions.



Skyride provides transportation across the valley in a colourful gondola between Towers Street, Forbidden Valley and The Towers Complex, allowing guests to take the weight off their feet whilst also enjoying magnificent views of the gardens below.

There have been several modes of transport that have transported guests around the theme park over the years. See the adjacent list for more information about each one!

Past Attractions

Cable Cars
Park Railway
Sunliner Trains
Towers Express