Away from the rest of the park is the Phalanx Facility – although they may insist that the situation remains under control, the reality is much the opposite. Guests who dare brave an encounter with the Nemesis creature will be subjected to some of the Resort’s most intense thrills, or they can make their way through to a futuristic space-port and embark on an intergalactic journey.

Food & Drink

  • Rollercoaster Restaurant
  • Ground Command – Coffee Outpost
  • Generator – Refuelling Company
  • Donut Division
  • Energy Station
  • Coca Cola Freestyle


  • Supply Store BUNKER 94

Fun & Games

  • R-Cade


  • Toilets – found under the Skyride station, outside the entrance to Forbidden Valley
  • Lockers – located in the smoking area in Galactica’s plaza area
  • Picnic Area – located in Galactica’s plaza area


Arrival to the area from Gloomy Wood is signified by a weathered, metal fence line complete with red beacon lights. The first hint that perhaps The Phalanx, a secretive military organisation, do not have things entirely under control within the area comes from the overhead ‘Phalanx Facility’ sign having been overtaken by tentacles which form the words ‘Forbidden Valley’. A graffitied poster on the fence also suggests similar.

Entering into the area, guests are first met by The Phalanx’s ‘Stag’ vehicle. However, it is evident that the situation demands further support, with a helicopter landed on a helipad. Tentacles burst from the ground and climb up the rocks surrounding the helicopter, and indeed throughout the area. Within the central area, next to the helicopter, is a cage containing several eggs along with a shipping container holding a larger egg. Indeed, as guests explore the area they will discover that The Phalanx are aiming to mutate Nemesis’ offspring and transport the eggs to their facilities around the world as part of ‘Project Secret Weapon’.

Moving further into the area, guests walk past the ‘Lab Challenge’ midway game on the right-hand side and then beneath an archway featuring a sign marking the entrance into the Nemesis Containment Zone. Nonetheless, the prevalence of more tentacles and damage to the sign casts further doubt on how contained the Nemesis creature truly is.

Nemesis has claimed Forbidden Valley as its home ever since being discovered and chained down in 1994. Despite the Phalanx’s best efforts to take control in late 2022, things eventually spiralled out of control. From 2024, Nemesis Reborn has seen a fearsome creature, fury heightened and more uncontrollable than ever before!

Near to the Nemesis site is the Phalanx Research Facility, which is open for guests to visit and learn more about the organisation’s latest discovery, but what terrifying secrets lay in wait, deep underground?

Swinging higher and higher from its very own pit is a sharp take on the classic swinging ship attraction. It’s one of the oldest and most iconic attractions at the park, but more to the point, it’s The Blade.

If you can brave the journey through the containment zone, the bottom of the valley will reveal a space-port operated by Galactica – The Universe’s first spaceflight voyager. Guests will be launched up into space, flying and looping beyond the stars, banking through wormholes and speeding across undiscovered galaxies.

If you’re feeling peckish whilst visiting Forbidden Valley, Ground Command – Coffee Outpost serves hot and cold refreshments, as well as themed treats, and Generator – Refuelling Company serves chicken wings and strips, with a variety of different sauce options to suit all tastes. Other refreshments and snacks can be purchased from Energy Station and Donut Division. The area is also home to a Refresh and Refill station, which can be found opposite Supply Store Bunker 94, the area’s retail outlet which stocks a vast range of Nemesis and Phalanx themed merchandise.

Nearby is also Rollercoaster Restaurant, which offers a unique sit-down dining experience at both lunch and dinner time.


Nemesis Reborn

A fearsome creature, fury heightened and more uncontrollable than ever before! Twisting and turning through the rocky terrain, Nemesis Reborn creates a unique experience for new and seasoned thrill seekers alike.


Nemesis Sub-Terra

Civilians are invited to journey deep beneath the Nemesis site to discover the secretive research of The Phalanx, where they can view a Nemesis egg. However, with it reportedly showing life signs, a team of Phalanx operatives are investigating – can they keep control?



Blast off with Galactica Tours and embark on an intergalactic journey into space. Visit distant planets, twist, turn and soar amongst the stars, and journey through wormholes to undiscovered galaxies, all on a flight which is simply out of this world.


The Blade

At the heart of Forbidden Valley, amidst the devastation, is a rusted swinging blade – a piece of shrapnel extracted from the pit during the Nemesis excavation. Take your seat on board and be tossed forwards and backwards as you cut your way through the Valley.

This area originally started out as Thunder Valley in 1990 when the Thunder Looper was installed, for some time this was the only ride in the area. In 1992 however the New Beast was moved from Talbot Street to the lower end of Thunder Valley, along with it a children’s roller coaster, The Beastie, which sat alongside the area’s entrance.

1994 saw the opening of Nemesis, Europe’s first inverted roller coaster,  and Thunder Valley took on a whole new look along with a new name, Forbidden Valley. In 1997 the Thunder Looper was removed from the park and Ripsaw, the fast, wet Topspin ride opened along with a revamped Pirate ship now called The Blade.

By this time the Beastie had departed the area moving to Adventure Land for 1996 and 1997 was also the last season The Beast operated in the park, leaving a large gap at the far end of Forbidden Valley.

In 2002 Forbidden Valley saw a massive shake up of the area, when the far end was finally filled by Air, the £12million flying roller coaster, where you actually fly around a roller coaster track, in the ”superman” position! Dynamo also arrived at the entrance of Forbidden Valley for 2002, however its stay was only brief, as it was removed again at the start of 2004 due to technical problems.

Towards the end of the 2011 season Phalanx took up base in Forbidden Valley, after reports of something being discovered during excavation. Over the closed season a secure military base was constructed on the site, with Nemesis Sub-Terra being unveiled in 2012. The climax of this new experience was the ABC Drop Tower concealed inside, which was complimented by a show sequence where things didn’t go as planned. The attraction would remain SBNO from towards the end of the 2015 season until May 2023.

At the very start of 2016, it was announced that Alton Towers Resort would become home to the UK’s first Rollercoaster Restaurant. Situated in the building that was previously home to the ‘Air Shop’, diners would be able to watch their orders travel through two ‘loop-the-loops’ before spiralling down 8 metres to their table.

On 12th January 2016, at a media event held at the London Science Museum, Alton Towers Resort announced that Air would become Galactica for the 2016 season, claiming it to be “the world’s first rollercoaster full dedicated to virtual reality”. Whilst there would be no physical changes to the ride’s layout, guests now had the option to wear a VR headset for the duration of the ride to simulate an interstellar adventure. Galactica opened in March, a few days after the start of the main theme park season.

In 2021, the former site of Ripsaw was temporarily home to Funk’n’Fly – a member of The Retro Squad, a collection of pop-up flat rides. The ride returned for the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

At the end of the 2022 season, Nemesis closed in order to undergo an 18-month refurbishment, which would see the vast majority of its track and supports replaced. The ride therefore didn’t operate during the 2023 season.

However, the 2023 season did see the return of Nemesis Sub-Terra, which was reopened as part of the story-telling around the Nemesis track replacement project. The attraction was largely unchanged from when it operated from 2012-2015, with thematic changes to the final part of the exit corridor being the most notable change.

Nemesis was back with a vengeance for the 2024 season, returning as Nemesis Reborn which represented a new iteration of this iconic rollercoaster’s theme. The wider area of Forbidden Valley was also refreshed to complement the coaster’s updated story and theme, receiving a new entrance portal and theming features throughout the area, along with the addition of a new retail store and replacement arcade building.