This fast spinning ride first made an appearance at Alton Towers in 1993, being rethemed and moved around during its time at the park.

Fact File

  • Location: Fantasy World / Festival Park / Ug Land / Forbidden Valley
  • Manufacturer: HUSS
  • Capacity: 32 per ride
  • Opening Year: 1993
  • Closing Year: 2003

When it first arrived it was painted in several bright colours and had a height restriction of 1.4 metres. It was then known as the AstroDancer and it replaced the Cine 2000 in Fantasy World.

When Fantasy World was to be overhauled into X-Sector, AstroDancer was moved up to Festival Park in 1997, where it continued to pull crowds. In 1999 the ride was altered to match Ug Land, the new theme of Festival Park, and was renamed the Dino Dancer.

At the end of the 2000 season the ride was removed and did not make an appearance in the 2001 line-up. The ride was then rethemed yet again and made a a comeback in Forbidden Valley for the 2002 season, now known as Dynamo.

Despite this new lick of paint the ride was beginning to show its age and became increasingly unreliable, so much so that it only ran occasionally during the 2003 season. The ride was finally removed in February 2004 and sat in storage behind Duel for many years until it was sold to Mondial in 2005 to be refurbished and sold on.