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In 1994, Phalanx Operatives secured the Nemesis creature deep within its pit. However, during the 2011 closed season they returned to the area following reports of strange activity, possibly in relation to the Nemesis monster. To their surprise, they uncovered a nest of Nemesis eggs and built a high security compound prior to the park reopening in 2012. Guests are now allowed to enter the facility, but what terrifying secrets lie in wait, deep underground?

Nemesis Sub-Terra is currently closed. It is unknown when the attraction will re-open.


Min. Rider Height: 1.4m
Max. Rider Height: None
Ride Photography: No
Fastrack: Yes

Tech Specs

Manufacturer: ABC Rides
Ride Type: Drop Tower
Opened: 24th March 2012
Cost: £5 million
Max. Drop: 7m
Guests per Viewing: 40
Capacity: 1200 riders per hour
Duration: 3 mins 0 secs

Nemesis Sub-Terra is best experienced without knowing beforehand what is about to unfold. We therefore advise you to skip this section if you do not wish to prematurely unearth what lies beneath…

In the queueline you are informed about Phalanx and their other operations around the world, including their involvement with securing the second Nemesis creature at Thorpe Park. Before entering the attraction you reach the bag drop where you can leave your possessions for the duration of the ride experience. You are given a keyring to keep safe during your journey into the facility.

You enter a room which holds 40 people in groups of 10, and are ordered to stand on a spot to watch an introductory video. During this video feed you discover that Phalanx has uncovered a nest of eggs, belonging to the Nemesis creature, and that you will be given access to the very chamber that they are in. Once the video finishes, you are directed into a lift that takes you deep down into the facility. At the bottom you enter the viewing chamber where you sit around the edge of the room, in one of the four seating areas. A phalanx operative then secures you into your seat and a video presentation begins. It is revealed that the egg is “alive and dormant” and a heart rate monitor is shown on the presentation screen.

However, the video feed becomes intermittent, before the lights go out whilst a generator noise can be heard alongside an announcement of a system malfunction. Suddenly you hear the noise of the egg breaking and it is as if something is moving around the room. As well as sound effects, the ride also utilises water effects, back prodders and leg whippers, to create an immersive experience. A further announcement is made, which is followed by the lights going out once again. Shortly after, the ride unexpectedly drops, revealing that there is a large nest of eggs laying beneath the chamber above. The back up generator then kicks in and lifts you back to the secure level, where another announcement states that the security of the unit has been compromised and an emergency evacuation is in place.

The Phalanx operatives then release the bar and evacuate you into another lift that will take you back to surface level. Unfortunately, the lift is then attacked and shaken by the recently hatched Nemesis creature, causing it to fill with smoke, as the lights strobe. You are greeted by a Phalanx operative when the lift doors open, who has been attacked by the creature. The only way to escape the facility is through a maze containing several operatives who have fallen victim to the creature, before you finally exit on the opposite side of the bag hold.

The advertising tagline was “your worst nightmare, underground” and followed an advertising campaign much like The Smiler’s. The campaign included a lift experiment at Southside Shopping centre in Wandsworth, where an artist designed the floor of the lift to look as if there was a gaping hole in it. Alton Towers also called for people who previewed Nemesis in early 1994. Marketing also involved the newly appointed ‘Director of Fear’ – Jack Osbourne, who was said to be involved throughout the attraction’s development stages and was supposedly the first to test out the new attraction; “guaranteeing that every element is as scary as possible”.

Unfortunately for Alton Towers, in March 2012 the ride opened to a largely underwhelming response. Therefore, based on feedback that the resort received from guests, it was decided to close the ride for a few days (20th to 25th of May) and overhaul it. When it reopened in June, it was met by far better reviews and most guests agreed that it had been improved. However many still think that the experience was overstated in the advertising, and that the attraction failed to live up to expectations.

Since the end of the 2015 season, Nemesis Sub-Terra has remained standing but not operating with no indication as to when, or even if, it will reopen.

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In 2012, the entrance to Forbidden Valley was changed forever as guests discovered What Lies Beneath, as the park revisited the legend surrounding Nemesis.