In 2012, the entrance to Forbidden Valley was changed forever as guests discovered ‘What Lies Beneath’, as the park revisited the legend surrounding Nemesis with the addition of Nemesis Sub-Terra.

Towards the end of the 2011 season, banners appeared on the walls surrounding the construction site asking “what lies beneath?”. This was followed by the arrival of the Phalanx after the discovery of “hazardous materials”, with operatives found in the vicinity decontaminating guests.

By February Half Term 2012, the building for Nemesis Sub-Terra had been full constructed, along with the installation of the ride hardware inside. Nonetheless, work was still visibly ongoing both outside and inside the building with over a month to go until the attraction was set to open.

At a pre-season event, Nemesis Sub-Terra now appeared largely complete from the exterior, with just the queue line entrance signage left to add. Phalanx Operatives were stationed outside the attraction.

Some official photos of Nemesis Sub Terra’s construction were released by the @PhalanxControl Twitter account. Most notably these also provided a look at the installation of the hardware for the attraction’s four drop towers.