Visit the centrepiece of the Alton Towers Resort, as you explore the ruins of the ancient Towers which also hold some mysterious secrets.

Food & Drink

  • The Burger Kitchen
  • Archway Gatehouse


  • Toilets – found behind Woodcutter’s Bar & Grill
  • Smoking Area – located in corner Fountain Square and by Archway Gatehouse


Remind yourself of where it all began as you enjoy the ruins of The Towers, and perhaps venture deep inside to discover Hex: The Legend of The Towers. Having stood for centuries, the stone walls harbour a wealth of history that connect the Earls of Shrewsbury to the present day theme park.

For another history-fix with an Alton Towers twist, you can also pay a visit to The Alton Towers Dungeon which will take you on a journey through some of Staffordshire’s darkest moments in history. The attraction incorporates a boat ride and five actor-led shows as part of the 45 minute experience.

If you visit when the ruins are open to guests, take a break from the thrills and visit one of the most historic parts of the resort. The Towers also provide excellent views of the rest of the theme park, if the access to the roof is open, as you look out above all the crowds.

Fountain Square is also a great place to rest for a while in the majestic surroundings and perhaps eat a picnic if the park’s food outlets don’t take your fancy. There is also Her Ladyship’s Garden to explore, if you’d rather keep your feet on the ground.


The Alton Towers Dungeon

Laugh and scream your way through some of Staffordshire’s darkest moments in history on this hilariously hideous journey that includes a boat ride and five actor-led shows.


Hex: The Legend of the Towers

Legend has it that whilst travelling through the woods surrounding the Alton Towers estate, the 15th Earl was cursed by an old beggar woman. During present day restoration work, a secret vault has been uncovered. You have the opportunity to venture inside…


The Ruins

The Towers Ruins stand as the iconic centrepiece of Alton Towers Resort, dating back many centuries. Some areas are open to guests during the first half of the theme park season, providing a break from the thrills and excellent views across the rest of the theme park.

In the modern theme park, even the ancient Towers themselves play a role within the resort. In 1957 a model railway, the largest in Great Britain was installed inside the Towers’ Chapel and in the 1970s this was joined by a planetarium which operated in the central courtyard of the Towers. Since the 1970s the Towers ruins have been open for the public to explore with the roofs serving as a viewing platform for the rest of the park.

During the 80s and 90s the entrance hall of the Towers was turned into a gift shop and first the planetarium, then the Model Railway were removed, leaving the Towers’ ruins devoid of any extra attractions. This is how they remained until 2000 when the entrance corridor and part of the conservatories were renovated in order to accommodate the entrance and exit of Hex: The Legend of the Towers; a ride which drew on a local legend of a chained oak in order to create an unique experience.

In 2003 the chapel was once again filled, this time with Crux an interactive Christian attraction, which remained at the park for just two seasons.

Fountain Square sits alongside the main entrance to the Towers, taking up roughly the same area as the original entrance courtyard for the Towers. During the 80s the area was known as the Plaza and it served as one of the stops first for the Tower’s Express and then for Sunliner Trains. It was also home to the Festival Park Dome and Skyride Station as well as the Railcar Restaurant.

When The Alton Towers Dungeon opened in 2019, the building it was contained in was considered to become part of The Towers Complex area, with its theme clearly not being well-suited to nearby Cloud Cuckoo Land!