The resort were set to expand their range of accommodation in 2015 with the opening of small village inhabited by little fable folk and forest spirits. Before site construction began in August 2014, a ‘Woodland Lodge’ showhouse was constructed in the theme park giving guests a taste of what was to come in 2015. Construction of the Enchanted Village itself then commenced shortly afterwards.

All our photos of the Enchanted Village’s construction were taken from publicly accessible areas.

Before site construction began, a ‘Woodland Lodge’ showhouse was constructed in the theme park, giving guests a taste of what was to come in 2015.

A ‘Woodland Lodge’ showhouse was constructed in the theme park, complete with interior furnishings, allowing guests some idea of what the new accommodation would be like when it opened in 2015.

Actual construction of the Enchanted Village began mid-August, with the site being cleared and fenced-off in preparation for the new accommodation.

Groundwork began across the site, including the closure and temporary removal of the entrance to the Woodland Walk to allow for the utilities to be installed.

Many trenches were dug around the site to allow for the installation of pipes, which would provide the accommodation with the utilities.

Progress on the construction of the Enchanted Village began to gather momentum, as the first foundations for the Luxury Treehouses were poured.

Alongside pipes, cables were installed into the trenches dug around the site, in order to provide the Enchanted Village with electricity. More foundations were also poured for the Luxury Treehouses, at the back of the site.

Preparations for the construction of the foundations for the Woodland Lodges was now underway on site, with stacks of bricks scattered around.

It could be said that this was our first update featuring ‘vertical construction’, with the addition of some of the raised bases for the Luxury Treehouses.

As more foundations for the Woodland Lodges were constructed, some of the Luxury Treehouses started to take shape atop their raised platforms.

The majority of the metal framework for the Crooked Spoon restaurant had now been erected, with construction of the Luxury Treehouses continuing.

Alongside the continuing work on the Luxury Treehouses, a large proportion of the Woodland Lodge foundations were now in place, awaiting the lodges themselves.

On Christmas Eve, we ventured down to the Enchanted Village construction site, where the Luxury Treehouses and Crooked Spoon restaurant were continuing to progress well. Some of the Woodland Lodges had also been placed on their foundations, with the various components of those waiting to be transported to the site situated in the near-by car park.

With the start of a new year, MI7 returned to bring us an aerial update on the progress of the Enchanted Village. A significant number of lodges were now in location and some of the Luxury Treehouses had begun to receive their façades.

With the exteriors of the Luxury Treehouses nearing completion and only a few Woodland Lodges remaining to be positioned on-site, landscaping work begun with the addition of turf and saplings.

Almost all of the Woodland Lodges had now been placed on-site and the exteriors of several Luxury Treehouses had been completed, allowing for the addition of the more finer details.

All of the Woodland Lodges and Luxury Treehouses had been constructed on-site, which now meant steps to access the accommodation, rope bridges and fencing could be added.

Quirky play areas were added in the centre of the Woodland Lodge clusters, and the entrance walkway to the Woodland Walk was reconstructed.

With just under a month to go until opening everything was starting to come together, as the main construction work was finished off.