MI7 has once again provided TowersTimes with an exclusive set of aerial photos from the Alton Towers Resort. Following on yesterday’s first update covering the site of the rumoured new attraction on the former Beastie site, this second update focuses on the new accommodation for 2015 – The Enchanted Village.

The site of the lodges and treehouses is a hive of activity with progress being made on a number of different areas. The first transport infrastructure has been installed with a fresh road being laid towards the lodges located over to the East side of the village. Currently this appears to be used as an access road to help the heavy construction vehicles across the site. Work was also continuing on construction the lodges, with roofs being lifted onto the main structures by crane. It would appear that the newly laid road is being utilised to transport the roofs by lorry to their required location.

Tiles have now been added to the roof of the Crooked Spoon Restaurant with approximately a third of the roof now being tiled. Tiling is also taking place on the roofs of the treehouses with the aerial shots showing the tiles to have a rustic, mismatched style, in-keeping with the fairytale village theme.

Further landscaping is being carried out on the mound between the treehouses and the lodges with the final bits of turfing being completed. Work is also still being carried out on the lodges which have been fully assembled with the first cluster appearing to be completed and workmen now focusing on adding the finer details to the front doors and outside decking area of the second cluster. From above it is evident how close together the lodges are situated.

For MI7’s full photo update make sure you head to the TowersTimes Forum for more exclusive photos. With a little over three months until the Enchanted Village opens to the public for the first time, what are your thoughts on the progress so far? MI7 still has some surprises left to reveal so be sure to keep an eye on TowersTimes for the third and final part of our exclusive aerial updates.

Alton Towers Resort from another point of view!

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