21 March 2010

Dark Forest Springs to Life as 2010 Season Begins

2022-01-31T11:26:18+00:0021st March 2010|Alton Towers Resort, TH13TEEN|

The shadows have swarmed around Alton Towers, as the park opens for the 2010 unleashing the demons of the Dark Forest upon the world. Wraiths roam about this new area taunting those who dare ride the Towers' latest coaster Th13teen, where guests can traverse the haunted woodlands before plunging deep [...]

1 February 2010

Th13teen Trains Revealed

2022-01-31T11:12:25+00:001st February 2010|Alton Towers Resort, TH13TEEN|

The promotional photo published by the Sunday Mercury newspaper online contains the first public shot of the new rides' train, accompanied by Alton Towers' latest promotional recruit - recent Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex Reid. Until now there has been no confirmed details about the trains and much speculation - however [...]

31 January 2010

Rita Retheme Begins

2022-01-31T11:06:41+00:0031st January 2010|Alton Towers Resort, TH13TEEN|

Months of speculation surrounding Rita and Ugland can now finally be laid to rest thanks to the release of the following photographs The images released show the Rita entrance tyre, which formed the entrance to the Rita queue line, being covered in vines, and also work taking place [...]

15 January 2010

Exclusive TowersTimes Th13teen Weekend Discount!

2022-01-31T10:53:51+00:0015th January 2010|Alton Towers Resort, TH13TEEN|

Alton Towers have very kindly released an exclusive 10% discount* code for all TowersTimes members to secure a place at the upcoming and fast selling 'Thirteen Preview Weekend' on 12th-14th March 2010! The one-off spectacular preview weekend comprises of: An overnight stay on Friday 12th & Saturday 13th March 2010 [...]

10 December 2009

Thirteen: The Sixth Secret Weapon!

2022-01-31T10:47:53+00:0010th December 2009|Alton Towers Resort, TH13TEEN|

Alton Towers have finally revealed the true identity of their new-for-2010 £15million rollercoaster attraction as "Thirteen". The number, which has many connotations of "fear" and "unluckiness", will presumably be used in all marketing henceforth. Until today, the name has been kept top secret from all but a few management [...]