Alton Towers Resort have today released further details surrounding the newest additions to this year’s Scarefest line-up, including new images and videos of “The Attic: Terror of the Towers” and Darkest Depths. TowersTimes explores all the new details.

“Spine-tingling terror” is promised to await guests in new scare maze, “The Attic: Terror of the Towers”. Set in the eaves of the Towers Ruins, a space never before used for the Resort’s chilling mazes, it promises to be the Resort’s most chilling yet, and has been revealed to be the latest instalment in the Resort’s award-winning “Terror of the Towers” trilogy, following on from “Terror of the Towers (2002-2008) and “Terror of the Towers: What lies Within” (2009-2017).

“The Attic: Terror of the Towers” will invite guests to venture into the head spinning heights of The Attic, which is said to be haunted by the Governess. Legend says she is trying to avenge the death of her charges by taking the spirits of the living as penance. “The Attic” promises to provide a new, unique and truly chilling experience, using the sensation of colour in a clever and masterful way to add an additional layer to the multi-sensory terror and provide an unforgettable experience.

Also new for 2019 is Darkest Depths, a maze cleverly developed for families and thrillseekers alike. Guests will be invited to board the infamous ghost ship, “The Mutiny” and journey into the darkest depths to earn their piece of eight. Guests will encounter treacherous sirens who will try and lure them into the depths of the ocean as they dodge the swords of mutinous ghost pirates and come face to face with the sea’s meanest legend of all, the Kraken.

Receiving some additional spooks and scares will be “The Alton Towers Dungeon”. Guests will embark on a “hideously hilarious” journey through Staffordshire’s darkest history, including the introduction of live action “Plague Street” as well as other bonus frights.

These latest additions will join a Scarefest line-up already packed full of frights, thrills and spooky fun. “Project 42″ will once again be inviting valiant volunteers to enter the secret underground compound in an attempt to find the vaccinations and rescue the technician to help halt the spread of a deadly virus. The sewer dwellers of “Sub Species: The End Games” will be sending guests deep underground into a post-apocalyptic sewer system, whilst “Altonville Mine Tours” will be open for tours of the old mines once more offering guests the chance to uncover the legend of the skin snatchers.

Family frights will be on offer in “The Freaky Fun Zone” which hosts the Freaky Five – Gretel, Patch, Skelvin, Phil and Franklin – as they host a range of amazing shows, meet and greets, photo opportunities and more in their colourful playground. For the Resort’s youngest guests, the “CBeebies Monster Ball” returns for its second year in CBeebies Land as some of guests’ favourite CBeebies friends dance, play games and learn all about spooky things.

No Scarefest would be complete without the “Alton Ancestors” and the dancing flash mob will be back in action across the theme park providing live entertainment for all to enjoy.

Scarefest runs on 5th-6th October; 12th-13th October; and 18th October – 3rd November. With the theme park open until 9pm there will also be plenty of opportunity to enjoy the Resort’s thrilling rollercoasters in the dark.

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