Whilst the 2018 theme park season may be drawing to a close, construction of the Alton Towers Stargazing Pods has taken a significant step forward. TowersTimes takes a look at the latest progress on Alton Towers Resort’s newest accommodation.

In what marks a significant step for the project, the first pods are in place at the north-eastern end of the development area. Currently installed from the eastern end of the site (next to where the entertainment tipi will be located) around to the top of the site, the installation of these pods gives a first idea of what the finished layout will look like. Each of the pods constructed so far already has electrical wiring in place behind each one, with this just needing to be connected to the pod itself. One thing that is noticeable, even at this early stage, is how close together some of the pods are located. Some pods have their rear window facing directly toward the front doors of the pods behind, something which could be seen to offer limited privacy to those staying in the overlooked pods.

Further pods can be seen in the car park at the north of the site, with a small number temporarily staged in this area whilst they await installation.

To the south of the construction site, work is continuing on the facilities block, with both the exterior and interior walls approximately half built. Elsewhere on the site, what appear to be temporary roadways are also being installed. It is expected that these will enable the heavier construction vehicles to continue to access the site as the winter weather arrives. There is also ongoing works to install various utilities, and other materials have recently been delivered, although as yet it is unknown what these are for.

What are your thoughts on the first pods to be installed on site? Will you be staying in them when they open next spring? Make sure you share your views over on the TowersTimes and SouthParks Forum.

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