Alton Towers Resort have today revealed the first official images of Wicker Man, the latest addition to the Resort and the first wooden rollercoaster to open in the UK for 21 years.

The stunning images depict the central, six-storey, theming structure which features an upwards facing human face on one side and an imposing ram’s head on the other, which will burst into flames as the ride’s train races through the structure’s chest.

Alongside the impressive new images, the Resort have also unveiled some further details about what guests can expect to experience when the latest instalment in the Resort’s Secret Weapon series (the attraction has been code named Secret Weapon 8 throughout development), opens this spring. Guests will embark on a journey into the world of The Beornen, a secret community living in the woods around Alton. Prior to boarding the ride itself, guests will be lured in by chanting, rhythmic sounds and unseen eyes watching them, guests will ‘be chosen’ to take part in the cinematic ‘pre-show’ prior to experiencing the ride itself.

Further information has also been revealed about the physical structure of the ride with the Resort revealing that each ride cycle will be able to carry 24 passengers. Over 40,000 tonnes of soil have been excavated to build the new wooden rollercoaster making the site unrecognisable from when it was formerly home to The Flume. Speaking about the new attraction, Francis Jackson, Operations Director at Alton Towers Resort, commented:

“Wicker Man is Alton Towers’ most ambitious project to date and we’re really excited to finally reveal our newest thrill attraction to the world. We’ve spent four years creating an experience that is truly spectacular by investing in the latest technologies which combine wood, fire and special effects to give riders the genuine feeling that they will be racing though flames. We can’t wait for everyone to experience Wicker Man when the park opens this spring.”

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