With just over eight weeks until the CBeebies Land Hotel grand opening, Alton Towers Resort’s newest accommodation is entering its final construction phases. We examine all the latest progress.

The only area where scaffolding now remains is on the elevation nearest The Enchanted Village, where the main entrance to the Hotel will be located. Work is still ongoing on the construction of the Hotel entrance on the ground floor with the apertures yet to receive the supporting frames for the doors and windows.

At the opposite end of the building an external fire escape is under construction with the main framework and half the stairway installed. Once complete, the fire escape will be covered by a small section of roof and surrounded in partial cladding, however, according to plans, will not be fully enclosed. At the rear of the building, just behind the fire escape, the specialist soundproof cladding for the area of the Hotel which will house the plant equipment has been installed.

The external brickwork has now been completed with the Hotel’s exterior having a finish which complements that of the Alton Towers Hotel opposite. On the lower ground floor, all that appears to remain to be installed are the main door between the interior and exterior.

Work is now underway on the external landscaping outside the Alton Towers Spa with paving being laid to create one of the renewed pathways between the CBeebies Land Hotel and Alton Towers Hotel.

What are your thoughts on the latest progress on the CBeebies Land Hotel? Have your say over on the TowersTimes and SouthParks Forum. As the launch of the Resort’s newest accommodation gets ever nearer we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest updates.

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