With the closed season now half way through, things certainly haven’t been quiet at Alton Towers Resort with a number of projects underway both at the Resort hotels, and within the main theme park itself. TowersTimes take a look at all the latest developments.

With Splash Landings Hotel closed until May 2017, new signage has been installed at the Hotel entrance to inform guests about the closure and to re-direct them should they be looking for the entrance to the Waterpark. A new, temporary Waterpark entrance has now been included by the Alton Towers Conference Centre which has seen signage added to the Conference Centre entrance. Due to the closure of some corridors within the main Alton Towers Hotel to enable the refurbishment of some room, guests are not able to walk between the Hotel and Conference Centre. This has led to the installation of a temporary marquee walkway on the external path leading between the Hotel and Conference Centre entrances.

Over by the Monorail station components have appeared for what seems to be an evacuation system with grating for a walkway, support metalwork, piping which potentially could be for handrails or side fencing, and temporary flooring and a lift to help facilitate installation. This would seem to suggest that the Monorail could be receiving new evacuation platforms for the 2017 season, however this is only speculation as this time.

Up at the construction compound for Secret Weapon 8 several large mounds of earth have appeared suggesting that landscaping work is ongoing on the construction site. Various items of heavy construction machinery, including winches, rollers and dumper trucks are parked up on the site as would be expected, whilst various pieces of timber and metalwork are currently being stored towards the entrance to the Priority Parking area although it is not clear what these will be used for.

Across the Resort’s roadways several of the road markings have been re-painted, whilst up at the entrance plaza the buildings which comprise the turnstiles, toilets, and advance ticket collection have had scaffolding erected around them suggesting they are receiving similar attention to that given to the main ticket booths last year.

This month has also seen the return of regular updates from the Resort’s Towers Loving Care programme. Amongst the refreshes to have taken place have been re-paints of the interior of The Smiler’s station and X-Cite in X-Sector, refurbishments of some of the toilets, and cleaning of the roofs in Towers Street.

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