Details of the rides and attractions which will be included on Early Ride Time for the 2016 season have been confirmed on the Alton Towers Resort website.

In a change from previous seasons, 2016 will see the following available to guests entering the park at 9am:

• Oblivion
• Enterprise
• Spinball (from 9:30am)
• Cbeebies Land

This latest line-up sees the attractions available all located on the same side of the Theme Park with CBeebies Land, Oblivion and Enterprise open from 9am and Spinball joining the available attractions from 9:30am. The line-up also sees the removal of Nemesis from the ERT options, something which will disappoint many fans of the iconic rollercoaster.

One aspect of the line-up listing which is interesting to note is the reference to Sonic Spinball as simply ‘Spinball’. Although there has been no official word from Alton Towers Resort, could this indicate that the Sonic the Hedgehog branding is due to be removed for the upcoming season meaning the spinning rollercoaster will revert to a more generic theme as seen when it was known as ‘Spinball Whizzer’ when it first opened?

Early Ride Time is available to guests who either pre-book their tickets online, stay in the Resort Hotels, or who hold either a Merlin Annual Pass, or Alton Towers Annual pass and offers the opportunity for guests to ride available attractions up to an hour before the general opening of the Resort. In previous years the line-up has been spread more widely across the Theme Park with Nemesis, Duel, and The Runaway Mine Train all previously being on offer.

What are your thoughts on the latest ERT line-up from Alton Towers Resort? Are there any rides you think should have been included? Have your say on this and more over on the TowersTimes and SouthParks Forums? With the Resort due to confirm the full 2016 attraction line up in the coming few weeks TowersTimes will continue to bring you all the latest developments. Alton Towers Resort from another point of view!

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