With summer drawing to a close, construction has been continuing at a rapid pace on the site of Alton Towers Resort’s Stargazing Pods. TowersTimes take a look at the latest progress on the site of the Resort’s latest accommodation offering.

Across the site, groundwork for the pods and associated building has been progressing steadily as the foundations are laid for more of the pods. Some foundations appear to be nearing completion with a damp proof sheet being laid under a concrete and hardcore base, and ducting installed at one end of each of the pitches in readiness for the electrical cabling. Other pitches are in the early stages of having their foundations prepared, whilst across the site further pitches have been marked out ready for work to commence.

Work is also underway on the foundations for the facilities building which will house the toilets and showering blocks. A large trench has been dug to the southern end of the site where the facilities building will be located, with a smaller off-shoot trench also dug on the eastern end of the site, up to just above where the foundations for the entertainments Tipi have been laid. Whilst at this stage it is unclear exactly what this trench is for, it is possible this will host the piping for the water supply to the facilities building and Tipi.

In the materials storage area for the construction site, the transformer boxes for the electricity supply have been delivered, suggesting these will start to be installed shortly. Could this also suggest we may soon be seeing the first pods installed on the site? The construction fences surrounding the site on the boundaries facing the existing Resort accommodation have now been decorated with artwork advertising the new Stargazing Pods.